Forget 9-11 and Global Warming: Hollywood Wants to Get in Bed With Saudis and Their Big Oil Money

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Will Saudi Arabians be more sympathetic to sex pervert movie directors in the quest to fund the next big franchise?

This week, the 32-year-old crown prince of Saudi Arabia will continue his tour of the United States with a stop off in Los Angeles. Turns out that Hollywood needs the country that supplied 9/11 hijackers with passports and supplies half the world with polar bear-killing fossil fuels is now needed to fund the latest round of garbage cinema.

Mohammed bin Salman

Known as MBS, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has been appointed by his father King Salman as the next in line for the throne. At 82, the king may not be fit to rule for much longer thanks to a diagnosis of mild dementia. In 2010, he suffered from a stroke and was unable to recover full use of his left arm.

MBS has been criticized for his human rights record, which being in line with what you’d expect from Saudi Arabia includes his preference let disease run rampant and to arrest and torture people who protest his government. But hey, what’s a little cholera between friends? Why get caught up in talking about the military expeditions he’s fielded when he’s got so much money you can hear his pockets jangling from a mile off?

Appointments in Hollywood

As a part of his trip, MBS will be rubbing elbows with producer Brian Grazer, Rupert Murdoch and Disney’s CEO Bob Iger. Since MBS claims to have learned English from watching Hollywood movies, I’m sure he’ll fit right in.

And if he learned how to treat American women by watching American movies, then he’ll definitely fit right in. The fact that women are treated like whores when visiting countries who only know America from films is a big problem for travelers. American women are shown as easy in films, so American women visiting foreign lands are expected to be just as likely to pull their pants off for any guy who gives them the time of day.

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And since Hollywood has barely scratched the surface in cleaning up their disgusting backyard, there won’t be any trouble. Maybe there’s some truth in it all. The actresses really are used to being treated like pieces of meat. But why, if Hollywood is trying to clean up their act, would they invite an oil sheikh from Saudi Arabia to the homes?

It’s The Money

In recent years there’s been a worrying trend for the people who relying on hundreds of millions at the box office: movie-goers just don’t care anymore. We’re tired of seeing the same recycled ideas when we can just wait a few months and see it on Netflix instead. Movie ticket cost almost $15 in most major areas, so taking the family is a pricey affair. And there’s no guarantee of quality, and no guarantee that the film won’t be molded into left-wing talking points.

Until very recently the Chinese were responsible for quite a bit of film funding, which in turn meant that films were approved for Chinese audiences as well as western. But, a recent government policy change has put a foot down on foreign investments and so studio owners are looking at the Next Big Thing: Oil money.

And Saudi Arabia seems to agree, because they’re looking for a way to diversify their investments from their almost entirely oil-dependent economy. If Saudi Arabia can build enough movie theaters to host Saudi-friendly films, it would likely generate an extra billion in box office.

What About Hot Babes On Film?

There’s an overwhelming concern here. Look, I can understand why Saudi investment would help Hollywood. But, the House of Saud would invest if they could work out a deal to cheaply bring movies to their audience.

Movies to an audience where women are expected to wear black burqas. Even Doris Day movies would be too much skin for this audience.

Wow, Doris, cover up. There are Muslims watching.

Saudi Money Is Dirty, Oily Money… Aren’t You All Environmentalists?

Nothing about Hollywood is compatible with Saudi Arabia. The very fact that these slimeballs (the ones in LA) are working with these other slimeballs (in Saudi Arabia) shows that neither has any respect for themselves.

Hollywood has been pushing the global warming nonsense for decades, a phenomenon they believe is caused by the use of fossil fuels.

Saudi Royal Family Accused of Contributing to 9/11

Fifteen of the nineteen people who were a part of the hijackings that day were Saudi Arabian citizens.


Sources: Los Angeles Times

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