Foreign Gun Manufacturers: America Must Keep 2nd Amendment

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Foreign gunmakers like Glock and Beretta are a big part of the import market, so let’s take a look at foreign support for the American police, the Constitution and the NRA.

Countries including Austria, Italy, Brazil and Canada provide popular imports, and are the base of operations for good companies to have on your side in the face of Democrats trying to blame you for school shootings and street violence.

Imports: Handguns By The Numbers

With one-third of guns sold in Ameirca coming from foreign countries, it’s worth taking a look to see where we can find friends overseas. So, here is a chart showing recent imports of handguns and long guns and their countries of origin.

Austria is famous for the Glocks, Brazil for their M1911s which were the standard-issue sidearm for the American Armed Forces until 1986, Croatia for their HS2000 pistol which is sold in the States by the Springfield Armory, Germany for their USP which is descended from the Luger and Italy for their Berettas.

Switzerland’s Sig Sauers are not listed because like Glock some of their production facilities are on American soil.

Looking now at the long guns shows the recent dive taken by Brazil as their American sales switched from shotguns and rifles to their handguns. Canada’s offerings include firearms from Savage Arms, Prairie Gun Works and Alberta Tactical Rifle.

Two-thirds of the revenue from Brazil’s Taurus gun makers in the last quarter came from American sales.

Home Of The Glock: Austrian Gun Laws

Citizens in the small nation, whose population is just 8.5 million must be over 18 and complete a background check in order to purchase a firearm. Firearms are then registered by dealers and gunsmiths. Concealed carry permits are available and fully automatic weapons are generally restricted.

Antiques made before 1871 require no registration or license and the sale of ammunition is generally unrestricted. There are some permits required for handgun ammunition and for some rifles.

The Glock pistol was designed between 1979-1982 for the country’s new military duty pistol. From 1982-2007, 5 million glocks were produced. There are no sales records covering the last ten years.

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Sales To Austrian Women Surge With Migrants

In 2015, reports from the small country indicate that there were over 900,000 firearms in private homes after 70,000 firearms were sold in 2015 alone. Gun dealers told media that women were the drivers of sales, especially shotguns, which do not require a permit. Every day, lineups would form outside of government licensing offices for those who wanted to own something more than a shotgun.

In America, the percentage of households that own a gun dropped from a recent high of 54% back in the late 1970s down to over 30%. And the households that do own guns have been steadily buying more since 1980.

Foreign Support for American Police, NRA

According to the company, which says that “there’s always one primary goal [if you work in law enforcement] — get home,” Glocks are used by 65% of American police forces.

As well, they contribute to causes that lobby for gun rights. In 2016, that meant a $100,000 check for the NRA.

During the 2016 election, the NRA spent $19.8 million running attack ads against Hillary Clinton. In comparison they spent $14.5 million on ads supporting Trump.

(ed- Isn’t it funny that the people who own all the guns prefer to “attack” Democrats using their own words? What a peaceful bunch!)

Recently, the Italian Beretta Group recently pledged $1 million to the NRA’s Defense Fund. In Italy, there are 7 million firearms for 60 million citizens.

Remington Declares Bankruptcy, Blames Lack Of Panic Buying

And it’s a good thing that these foreign companies are concerned for their American customers. These companies can survive without American buyers, but there’s a problem with American manufacturers who are unable to keep up.

In the last few weeks Remington had to declare bankruptcy and seek protection. They had banked on citizens continuing to over-buy guns. It’s likely that they didn’t expect a Trump victory, because they hit a wall when citizens stopped panic-buying. With Trump in charge, citizens were no longer afraid of the slow creep of restrictions. As such, they were unable to make enough money and have been put on a thin diet that will allow them to continue to pay their workers until a new strategy can be implemented.

Remington can’t afford to make any contributions to the NRA right now, so foreign companies are stepping up to the plate.

What To Keep In Mind

Remington lost their panic-buying customers. Right now, people appear to be buying NRA memberships but not out of panic, rather out of support for the group.

Going forward we can expect to read from left wingers that foreigners are attempting to influence domestic gun laws by bribing the NRA, or that sales of foreign guns are going up due to “panic” even though sales of native American guns are going down. Take some time to brush up on the gun laws in the countries that are supporting America, and you’ll find that the biggest fans are the people who celebrate freedom, too.

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