Football coach fired after making kid jog a few laps for bullying teammate

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In Duran Connecticut, a football coach was fired after punishing a child for bullying a another teammates.

The bullying occurred at school, when former coach, Todd Kennedy, says he wanted the kids to know that bullying would not be tolerated.

The team is made up of youngsters in grades 4 through 6. Two of Kennedy’s own sons were on the team.

At first, Kennedy talked to the entire team about bullying, but when he’d heard that it happened again, that was the end of him tiptoeing around their feelings, he addressed the alleged bully in front of the team. Of course, the boy denied it, but Kennedy had him run a few laps around the field. After running the laps, Kennedy said he praised the boy for running without complaint. Unfortunately, it appears this kid did complain, he just waited until he got home to do it.

The apple must not fall far from the tree…

The league’s board was not happy with the way Kennedy handled the situation.

“[One of the board members] said why did you feel that you were qualified to handle this bullying incident? I’m like because I’m a father,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy was suspended the following morning and then fired on Monday. He says the board voted unanimously that he could not continue to volunteer as the team’s coach.

Kennedy went on to say: “You start questioning yourself, absolutely,”

This coach was no hypocrite, he said that if one of his own kids was bullying another, he’d have no problem with another coach handling it the same way he did. He’s also bummed that he didn’t get to explain what happened to his team.

“They never heard from me, so now you’ve got these children that I’ve been coaching since August and all of a sudden their coach just disappears,” Kennedy stated.

Kennedy removed his two sons from the team, and he’s not the only one. Shannon Riso’s son also left the team. She disagrees with the board,Riso thinks they were wrong to fire Kennedy.

Riso then stated that: “Bullying is okay – that’s the message I got,” “That’s why my son is not going to play for them. I want him to be around better role models than that.”

Kennedy says he was never given any guidelines on how to handle bullying as a coach, so he handled it the most effective way he knew how. Unfortunately, in today’s society punishment is seen as an injustice, we have safe spaces, ad people are getting kicked out of stores for supporting police officers! How did society become so brain-dead?!

Honestly what’s the harm with a few laps anyway? It’s good for kids to be physically active, with all of the electronics they have running outside is the last thing most of them do. This little bully’s parents should have said thank you. tumblr_mqgpp0mg951ro3593o1_500

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