Final Tally From Shoot-out in Florida Home Invasion: Intruders: 2 dead, 2 wounded, Homeowner with AR-15: Family and Home Safe. Writer coins new word: ‘Grampage’!

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As politicians in Florida fight for more gun control laws and the banning of ‘military-style’ weapons such as the popular AR-15, an over-60 homeowner in Summerfield was engaged in a harrowing shoot-out with four young home-invaders this week. According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the motive was robbery and they had cased the house beforehand.

Nigel Doyle, 22, of Summerfield, and Keith Jackson Jr., 21, Ocala, were killed. The homeowner, whose name was not released by the Sheriff’s Office, was in stable condition at a hospital, with a gunshot wound to the stomach. Two other suspects — Robert John Hamilton, 19, of Ocala, and Seth Adam Rodriguez, 22, of Belleview — were detained near the scene.

On a side note: The Second Amendment was written as a deterrent against tyranny. Yet this is a perfect example of why the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed” and it’s played out on a daily basis, protecting the law abiding gun owner against those who would attack anyone – especially the elderly or vulnerable. Well, this grampa was only vulnerable to a point. I’ve just thought of a new word for when a real grampa springs into action as his family, home and person are being invaded with deadly intent: “Gram-page”!

Here’s why the AR-15 should be banned, they say: The homeowner told Detective Travis O’Cull that, about an hour before the shooting, a male who he barely remembers from a past Craigslist transaction, knocked on the front door, according to sheriff’s officials.

The homeowner said he did not open the door but saw the male peering through a back sliding-glass door. He said he asked the male what he was doing and was told he needed help with his vehicle. The homeowner said he told the individual he was disabled and couldn’t help him. That person then left and homeowner went to sleep.

Based on the picture from the Ocala website looks like he lived off the beaten path. But whether you live there, or in the middle of the burbs…anyone can be a potential victim. 4 mug shots but two dead guys. Those photos indicate these guys have “been bad” before.

The homeowner told the detective he was awakened by a loud noise and grabbed his AR-15, which was near his bed. He saw a masked person inside the home, he said, and he and the intruders exchanged gunfire. He said he shot at the man in the mask and at a second person coming toward him. The homeowner said it was Jackson who shot him.

Rodriguez said Hamilton kicked in the front door and Doyle and Jackson rushed inside. Rodriguez said he heard gunshots from the homeowner. Another shoot-out occured and it sounds initially as if the homeowner successfully protected his property and family perhaps – even though he was shot and nearly killed. Two of the four suspects have criminal records. Hamilton was found guilty in 2018 and served time for grand theft. He has pending drug charges from 2018. Doyle was adjudicated guilty in 2017 for DUI and possession of ammunition by a delinquent in 2017.

But if the homeowner did not have his AR-15, these two men would be alive today and able to continue doing what they do best. And the injured men would be free to contribute to society – with the knowledge that helpless homeowner’s will be helpless. And probably dead, or at the very minimum, robbed.

Sgt. Micah Moore found Doyle with a gunshot wound and a shotgun next to him on the ground. Deputies entered the home and found Jackson dead on the dining room floor. Detectives said he was wearing a “Jason” mask on top of his head, gloves on both hands, jeans and a black shirt.

Maybe he was just trick-or-treating when this crazed gun-nut with the military automatic killing weapon cut him down instead of giving him a Snickers bar or some Gummy Bears?

Continuing into the home, deputies found the 61-year-old homeowner in a bedroom. He had an AR-15 rifle on his legs and was bleeding from a gunshot wound to the stomach, according to sheriff’s officials. Doyle and the homeowner were transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center, where Doyle died.

Deputies continued to search the area and Deputy Austin Coon and K-9 Deputy Alberto Gago, with his dog Nitro, found Rodriguez and Hamilton in the 15000 block of Southeast 36th Avenue hiding in tall grass on the side of the road. Deputies said the men were sweating.

Homeowner has not been charged… yet.

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