Flaw in Background Check Allowed Dylan Roof to Buy Gun

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Dylan Roof, accused shooter & murderer of 9 in the horrific shooting in Charleston, was able to purchase the weapon because of a breakdown in the federal background check system. The FBI admitted the failure Friday.

The .45 handgun was able to be purchased even though Roof admitted to being charged with gun possession. Requests from the FBI for more information from local officials were not responded to.

According to The Guardian, questions were raised immediately after the shooting because Roof was arrested on a felony charge in February. That should have stopped him purchasing a gun, but this information was not properly handled by the FBI, either being improperly entered into the federal computer system or used incorrectly by an analyst, according to the Washington Post.


“We are all sick this happened. We wish we could turn back time.”
-James B. Comey


Comey said he had learned of the error on Thursday and ordered a review of the lapse. He said the Justice Department was also going to review its policy that gives the FBI three days to determine whether someone should be denied a gun.

Roof was arrested the day after the 17 June attack. Police found a .45 Glock pistol in his car and photographs posted online showed Roof with a similar weapon.

Dylan Roof

Perhaps this will lead to a less lackadaisical attitude towards weapons. I am far from a gun nazi, in fact, I am wearing an NRA t-shirt as I type this. However- there needs to be checks in place so that the crazies do not have access to weapons. It only works if you check the boxes, folks. The lives that Dylan Roof took were senseless and looks like they could be avoided. Let’s not have another senseless tragedy happen because someone got lazy at their job.

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