Female MMA Fighter Drops Anti-Trump ‘Professor’ Who Attacked Group Honoring Veteran’s Day

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When a woman started attacking attendees at a flag wave honoring veterans last Sunday, MMA fighter Tara LaRosa used her jujitsu skills to take her down. The woman was not happy that the attendees were wearing MAGA hats. LaRosa was part of a group of people marching in honor of Veterans Day on an Interstate 84 overpass on Sunday in Portland, Oregon

‘You don’t know what Donald Trump is! I don’t agree with Trump!’, the woman pleaded as LaRosa held her to the ground while authorities came. The authorities did not charge anyone in the altercation.

Attendees around the woman on the ground screamed “you assaulted someone,” and “you’re going to jail.” The woman complained that she couldn’t breathe. The woman cried that she was a ‘professor’.

“We didn’t mess with you! You messed with us!” someone in LaRosa’s group is heard saying.

As LaRosa began to let the woman up, she told her, “If you get up don’t attack anybody.”

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“Stop trying to fight; we’re not here trying to fight,” LaRosa is heard saying after the woman moved away and sat with her back to overpass fence.

“I just got done having brunch with my friends,” the woman is heard saying.

Then the woman accused LaRosa’s group of “antagonizing the city I live in.”

The videos below show the attacker, who’s allegedly a female Portland State University professor, initiating a confrontation with the MAGA hat-wearing Americans who were waving flags on a bypass over the expressway.


The video below shows LaRosa keeping the female attacker pinned to the ground until law enforcement officers arrive. The female attacker refers to herself as “professor,” as she flails underneath LaRosa. The “professor” appears to be trying to bite LaRosa several times, as she complains she can’t breath.

The Daily Mail reports:

The woman allegedly bit LaRosa through her jumper and bra during the altercation, leaving bite marks near her breast. LaRosa also had marks on her neck and knees, according to photos posted on one Twitter account.

Portland Police Sgt. Kevin Allen said no arrests were made after they investigated the incident and examined the footage. However he said the case has been referred to the district attorney’s office for review.

He told The Oregonian: ‘There are conflicting versions of the events, so we are gathering all of the information we can and referring it to the district attorney.’

LaRosa is a New Jersey-born mixed martial artist fighter and her most high-profile successes occurred while competing in BodogFight, where she became the first and only BodogFight Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

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Those involved in the incident only had minor injuries and the officers on the scene did not make any arrests after they investigating the incident. The case has been referred to the district attorney’s office for review.

Why cannot people have different points of view without deciding they have to hurt someone. How do people get so angry at those who do not think as they do. There is so much of this today, on both sides, but a quick Google search will show you that it is predominantly from the left. The videos are endless of ANTIFA attacking people that they disagree with, including little girls, and pro-abortion folks attacking and destroying .

It is sad.


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