Feinstein Snarls At Kids Who Push Her To Back Green New Deal: ‘I Know What I’m Doing’

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Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 85, really stepped in it with a bunch of young kids pushing the socialist Green New Deal on climate change to her at their school. The elder stateswoman literally snarled at the kids when they cornered her. Of course, those are future voters that won’t affect her but it looks bad to her support base. And it is sad to see kids so brainwashed at such a young age. It makes you truly fear for the future of this country.

“You know what’s interesting about this group?” Feinstein said, in an interaction that was captured on video, much to her regret. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I know what I’m doing. You come in here, and you say it has to be my way or the highway. I don’t respond to that,” Feinstein continued. “I’ve gotten elected, I just ran. I was elected by almost a million-vote plurality. And I know what I’m doing. So you know, maybe people should listen a little bit.”

That is a horrible political optic for Feinstein. And in California no less. The Sunrise Movement is a Marxist organization that describes itself as wanting to “stop climate change.” They are getting to students in school at a very young age. They shared the video clip on Feinstein getting snippy with the kids on their Twitter page. The group is dedicated to “building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and well-being of all people.”

“This is how @SenFeinstein reacted to children asking her to support the #GreenNewDeal resolution — with smugness + disrespect. This is a fight for our generation’s survival. Her reaction is why young people desperately want new leadership in Congress,” the tweet with the video said. It started out with the group explaining that they wanted to present a letter to Feinstein and ask her “to vote yes on the Green New Deal.” It then cuts to a shot of the group standing before the U.S. senator from California, expressing their request.

It only got worse from that point forward. Feinstein then informed the kids that, “We have our own Green New Deal.” That’s when the infighting began between Feinstein and the kids. They went back and forth until a teenager reminds Feinstein that they are “the people who voted” for her and part of her job is to hear their concerns.

“How old are you?” Feinstein snarls. “I’m sixteen. I can’t vote,” the girl replies. “Well, you didn’t vote for me,” the lawmaker retorts. Ouch. Wow… talk about not caring about your political image. That response is killer. Snapping at kids never plays well in the press.

In another part of the video Feinstein tells the budding socialists that she’s “trying to do the best” that she can, “which was to write a responsible resolution.” “Any plan that doesn’t take bold, transformative action is not going to be what we need,” a female in the crowd says. Feinstein is not radical enough for the Democrat Party anymore… go figure.

Feinstein then shoots back: “Well, you know better than I do. So, I think one day you should run for the Senate. And then you can do it your way.”

Later, Feinstein issued a news release, confirming that she met with a group of children, young adults, and parents from the Sunrise Movement who sought her backing for the resolution. “Unfortunately, it was a brief meeting but I want the children to know they were heard loud and clear. I have been and remain committed to doing everything I can to enact real, meaningful climate change legislation,” she wrote. With the new radical left that won’t cut it.

“We had a spirited discussion and I presented the group with my draft resolution that provides specific responses to the climate change crisis, which I plan to introduce soon,” she continued. “I always welcome the opportunity to hear from Californians who feel passionately about this issue and it remains a top priority of mine.”

Should the Green New Deal ever be put in place it would destroy this nation once and for all. The left would basically rip up the Constitution and instate a new Bill of Rights. The may use a national emergency to enact climate change legislation.

It would bankrupt us even more than we are now and it would install crushing socialism and communism. The proposal calls for a job-guarantee program offering a “living wage job to every person who wants one,” a plan to aid workers affected by climate change, universal healthcare and basic income programs, among other items. That would be the end of America and her freedoms.

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