Federal Workers Get Paid Holidays From Global Warming:

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We all know that “Global Warming” or “Global Cooling” or whatever you want to call it – is a HOAX! but it turns out government’s telling federal workers to stay home…and THEY CAN STILL GET PAID…because “it’s TOO HOT” due to “global warming”. Unbelievable!  Screwed again Focker!

The Obama administration’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is encouraging federal workers to work from home if it’s too hot to go to the office.

OPM Acting Director Beth Cobert released a memo late last week warning that the severe heat and humidity seen so far this summer makes it “necessary for us all to take precautions and protect ourselves and our family’s health and well-being.”

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OPM, which serves as the government’s HR department, said it was reminding agencies about “what they can do to protect all federal workers during potentially dangerous heat waves.” One of those actions is to let workers stay home.

OPM also reminded federal workers to stay inside as much as they can, wear light-colored clothing and “drink more water than usual.”

“I know that all federal employees are dedicated and committed to doing all they can to serve the American people,” OPM Director Cobert wrote. “At the same time, we all must be mindful of protecting our health during severe weather events — whether cold and storm during winter or the kind of high temperatures and humidity we’ve been experiencing this summer.”

That basically means…whether it’s too cold or too hot…”the government” will still take care of you and PAY YOU to do nothing!  Talk about INSANITY at it’s finest!! When are we going to get a Republican in the White House so we can scale back on the size of government and get over this “global warming” nonsense.  Which is really just another way for Democrats to create more jobs, increase the size of government and make more money doing nothing!

Do you think THESE guys get to stay home if it’s too hot out?


How about these guys? Do you think THEY get to stay home if it’s too hot out to work?


Or better yet? How about these guys? Do they get to stay home when it’s too hot out?  Absolutely NOT!

090425-N-2821G-192 MAYPORT, Fla. (April 25, 2009) Canadian soldiers storm the beach near Mayport during a UNITAS Gold amphibious assault demonstration. Maritime forces from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the United States, and Uruguay landed on the beach during a UNITAS Gold amphibious landing demonstration. UNITAS Gold is the 50th iteration of the annual multinational maritime exercise known as UNITAS, which provides the opportunity to conduct and integrate joint and combined land, maritime, coast guard and air operations in a realistic training environment. The exercise is taking place April 20-May 5. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Alan Gragg/Released)

There are lots of real hard-working Americans working their butts off in hotter weather and under more extreme conditions who REALLY deserve to have the day off before some of those lazy people at the OPM, but you don’t hear them complaining. But hey, we wouldn’t want our government employees working too hard now would we?

I mean is this the same OPM office where the past director, Katherine Archuleta, was forced to resign after the data theft of 22 million people?

Government is SO inflated with so many corrupt workers, I don’t know where to begin. From the VA officials that lie about veterans waiting in line, so they can get increased bonuses to the IRS targeted groups. And let’s not forget the Las Vegas sponsored conferences for federal employees that included strippers. Yes, hard-working taxpayers like you and I paid for it!

Federal employees need to get over it! Some days are going to be warm. Drink water and be grateful you have a lazy a** J-O-B and you’re still collecting a nice check! Millions of other Americans can’t say the same, thanks to Obama! And millions more like firemen, policemen, and those serving our country – like soldiers – don’t get HALF the benefits federal employees do! So SUCK it up!




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