Federal Judge Rules Male-Only Draft Is Unconstitutional And Is Gender-Based Discrimination

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In a surprising ruling, U.S. District Judge Gray Miller in Texas has ruled in favor of radical feminism by stating that a male-only draft is unconstitutional and represents an instance of “gender-based discrimination” under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. No, it does not and drafting women to the front lines and combat theaters is an excellent way to get women and men both killed. Women will be targets and men will die trying to defend them.

The media is reporting that the judge “sided with a San Diego men’s advocacy group that challenged the government’s practice of having only men sign up for the draft.” The judge “stopped short of ordering the Selective Service System to register women for military service.” Looks like the Texan judicial system is skewing leftist on us.

This all started with two young men in Texas who are old enough to register for the Selective Service System. They filed a lawsuit against the government over the draft back in 2013, claiming that it was unfair to discriminate against women in the draft. This was based on the fact that women now serve in front-line combat roles in the military and are competing with men for some of the military’s most difficult roles. In my book, none of that should be allowed.

The National Coalition for Men has joined the suit as well. “This case balances on the tension between the constitutionally enshrined power of Congress to raise armies and the constitutional mandate that no person be denied the equal protection of the law,” the judge wrote in his decision. He said that he made the decision because Congress has been debating the issue for decades with no result.

From The Daily Wire:

“According to the Supreme Court in the Obergfell case legalizing gay marriage across the country, the judge noted, the government has an obligation to make decisions on issues of gender equality quickly, and must determine immediately whether such discrimination serves “an important governmental interest today.”

“The judge believes the time has come to rectify the problem, justifying his decision to upend 1980s guarantees exempting women from the Selective Service with a 2015 Defense Department order lifting all gender-based restrictions on military service and combat roles, noting that the DOJ’s intent, with the order, was clearly to eliminate all gender-based restrictions in the military across the board, USA Today reports.

“He even went so far as to suggest that women may be better suited to some combat roles, giving the military an even greater excuse to explore bringing more women into the fold. “The average woman could conceivably be better suited physically for some of today’s combat positions than the average man, depending on which skills the position required. Combat roles no longer uniformly require sheer size or muscle,” the judge’s decision read.

“Feminists have long fought for equal access to military roles once restricted to men only, but have stopped short of pushing for a gender-neutral Selective Service, even though other countries require both genders to register and serve equally.

“The judge’s decision here does not require the government to make major changes to the Selective Service system just yet, and the plaintiffs seem to have won more of a symbolic decision than one that will make any real impact on women in the military, but the decision does signal a sea change in how courts could view the issue.

“The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service is currently studying the issue and is expected to render a more concrete decision soon. That commission is also considering doing away with the draft altogether, given that the draft has not been used for decades, and its use was highly controversial during the war in Vietnam.”

The judge’s rationale here is faulty and specious. It is sheer leftist feminist drivel.

From TheBlaze:

“The National Coalition for Men praised the decision, with attorney Marc Angelucci releasing a statement saying: “After decades of sex discrimination against men in the Selective Service, the courts have finally found it unconstitutional to force only men to register.”

“Even without a draft, men still face prison, fines, and denial of federal loans for not registering or for not updating the government of their whereabouts. Since women will be required to register with the Selective Service, they should face the same repercussions as men for any noncompliance,” Angelucci explained.


Angelucci acknowledged to USA Today, “Yes, to some extend this is symbolic, but it does have some real-world impact. Either they need to get rid of the draft legislation, or they need to require women to do the same thing that men do.””

There is a reason women should not be on the front lines… it endangers our troops and gives the enemy fodder to use as leverage against us. This decision puts pressure on Congress to either force females to register with the Selective Service System or scrap it altogether. And people wonder why it is so important for President Trump to appoint conservative judges… this right here is a good example of why.

Sources: The Daily Wire, TheBlaze

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