Federal Funding for Plays About Food Stamps & Gun Control Activist Lesbians

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Just when you thought you had heard of everything! This one really takes the cake! Talk about a waste of our hard earned tax dollars, but what does Obama care? Isn’t he known as the President of Foodstamps since almost 14-15 million more people are on them during his presidency? Of course, he’s also been known to light up the White House on special occasions too, right?


In a story from the Washington Free Beacon:

A play about food stamps, a performance by a San Francisco drag queen, and the production of Cocked, the tale of two anti-gun lesbians, each made the list of projects backed by the taxpayer-funded National Endowment of the Arts.

The agency announced its first round of grants for fiscal year 2016 last week. Projects include “sustainable” housing for struggling artists and a mural by an artist who painted portraits for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.

Taxpayers were billed $10,000 to support the “world premiere” of Cocked, a play by Sarah Gubbins.

“The play follows the relationship between a Caucasian woman from rural Iowa and her African-American girlfriend, who are staunchly opposed to gun ownership,” the description for the project reads. “When a family member arrives unexpectedly to stay in their Chicago condominium, their position corrodes as new discoveries surface and the lines between safety and protection are blurred.”

Gubbins’s previous works include I Am Bradley Manning and The Kid Thing, which examined the “effect on two lesbian couples of one couple’s pregnancy” and premiered at the fifth annual “Summer Pride Festival of LGBT performances” in Randolph, Vt. 

Part of a $30,000 grant is going to the ODC Theater in San Francisco for a mini-series entitled “Gender in Transition” by the drag queen Monique Jenkinson.

Jenkinson’s alter ego is “Fauxnique,” who was “born out of the scene at Trannyshack.”

“Jenkinson emerged out of a feminist, postmodern, improvisational dance and choreographic lineage at Bennington College, but grew toward a tradition of radical queer performance that uses glamour, excess, and drag to entertain, transcend and horrify,” according to her website. A clip from a past show can be viewed here.

You got to love liberals right? I mean this spend, spend, spend mentality just goes on, and on, and on. They must really think that there is a ‘bottomless pit’ when it comes to taxpayers and federal funding. I can’t wait until we get back to a real conservative leader in the White House, like Ted Cruz, who supports fiscal responsibility, cutting taxes and limited government, and the 2nd Amendment, among other conservative principles! 



Written by Nancy Hayes

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