FBI Director McCabe Has Been Fired For Good Reasons

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Andrew McCabe, acting head director of the FBI and an enforcer for the Clinton Crime Family has been fired days before being eligible for a lifetime pension.

McCabe Fired Before Retirement

With Trump calling McCabe a “choirboy,” reactions are mixed over the firing of acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Conservatives looking for blood from the Clinton Foundation are thrilled and liberals are screaming because they’re still screaming that Hillary Clinton is the rightful President.

In December, Trump pointed out that McCabe would have to be fired within the next 90 days in order to be denied full retirement benefits. It’s confirmed that McCabe has been canned just days before that window closed, so he will not be taking a lifetime pension from taxpayers.

The firing comes on the heels of confirmation that McCabe had lied to investigators who were looking over his case files on Hillary Clinton.

 Jeff Sessions: He’s Gone

During a press conference, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced:

“I have terminated the employment of Andrew McCabe effective immediately.”

Sessions went on to say that every employee in the FBI must stick by high standards of honesty and that McCabe was not following along.

McCabe Responds

Not to be left in the cold, McCabe cried for attention saying that his credibility has been “attacked” and that he has been slandered along with the FBI and law enforcement in general.

“For the last year and a half, my family and I have been targets of an unrelenting assault on our reputation…”

McCabe’s Wife Jill Ran for Office, Received Clinton $$$

Finding out information on Dr. Jill McCabe is a challenge — despite being a pediatrician who ran for the state senate in Virginia in 2015, there is no Wikipedia page about her. The couple have two children.

In July of last year, Trump took to Twitter to point out that McCabe’s wife had received $700,000 from the Clintons. During the Virginia senate race, almost $500,000 was funneled to Dr. McCabe’s campaign from Terry McAuliffe’s PAC. McAuliffe, the Virginian governor, has long been a friend to the Clintons and a major fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation. A further $200,000 was handed over by the Virginia Democratic Party.

Later, Trump clarified his suspicion to imply that Gov. McAuliffe had been pressured by the Clintons to fund Dr. McCabe’s campaign during the time that Mr. McCabe was working as the head honcho at the FBI while they were actively investigating the Clintons.

Andrew and Dr. Jill McCabe

January 2018: McCabe Demoted

At the end of January this year, we reported that Andrew McCabe had officially stepped down from  his position at the FBI.

Last Week: FBI Recommends Firing McCabe

After an interview review, the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility handed down the recommendation after information on McCabe came from the DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Horowitz is a watchdog whose office had been investigating the FBI’s own investigation into the Clinton email server scandal.

Reportedly, Horowitz showed that it was McCabe who encouraged the FBI to open up to the media about one of their Clinton investigations. The media interview took place in October of 2016, just before the election, and the interview was designed to make it look like McCabe was not standing in the way of the FBI investigation into the Clinton family.

Horowitz also believes that McCabe was making the DOJ’s job difficult but not being upfront with his participation in the media interviews and with the Clintons.

The DOJ investigation led by Horowitz had previously found information on Peter Strzok, leading to his demotion. Strzok was found to be sending anti-Trump text messages and was one of the people pushing the discredited notion that Russians were meddling with the 2016 campaign.

Social Media Joins In

The left and right have both been making their opinions clear on social media. Here are some popular tweets making the rounds right now, starting with radio host Wayne Dupree:

This is from Tom Fitton, whose Judicial Watch group has been working hard to collect information from the DOJ about the Clinton Family series of scandals.

And I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that the firing of McCabe by Sessions means that Trump’s long standing public roasts of the Attorney General for not doing enough is working:

So let’s go  on to the liberals. Alex Burns works for the New York Times and wants to see the firing of McCabe as a good thing:

And finally, a tweet from a Democratic nerd who thinks he was doing something good by “uncovering the Trump Russia scandal:”

Sources: NY Mag, Fox News

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