FBI Asst. Director: Syrian Refugee Background Check Process is a Joke

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First, Syed Farook searches for a wife overseas. He finds Tashfeen Malik. She enters our country on a K1 Visa or “fiancee visa”. She passes through the screening system even with a false address. She was fingerprinted and screened with our biometrics – using the same system we use for ALL past, current and future refugees.

I’m appalled, especially since our POTUS states has stated we have “pretty agressive screening” process in place for all refugees.

I’m reading into exactly what he said, but let’s listen and then I’ll translate for you.  Here is former FBI Executive Assistant Director Shawn Henry.

There’s a lot of fraud in the K1 visa program.  Really?  What a shock.

The Muslim terrorists that President Obama wants to expedite into the U.S. as “Syrian refugees” are going to undergo a “background check.”  Here’s what the White House says about that “background check.”

During questioning from Republicans in Congress on Tuesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the U.S. conducts “significant and robust screening’’ of refugees.


“We firmly believe that refugees are the most thoroughly vetted people to enter this country,” said Lavinia Limon, president of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, one of nine resettlement agencies contracted by the State Department.

OK.  Now then, let’s look at the truth.

“Uncle Sam just looks on as an approving cupid and doesn’t pay as much attention as he should to the issuance of these visas,” said David North, a senior fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates for stricter immigration policies.

To get her visa, San Bernardino shooter, Tashfeen Malik was screened in 2014 using the State Department’s watch lists and immigration, counter-terror and criminal databases at the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. After arrival, she was screened once again to get her green card. The card was issue to her in July.

The truth, something you will never get from Obama or anyone in his administration, is that the U.S. government under this administration – and perhaps earlier administrations – does the equivalent of a Google search on visa applicants and about the same for “refugees.”

Provide a false name, false address, etc and zoom, you’re in the United States and you don’t have to worry about anyone following up on you.

Send an email to your Senator and your Representative.  Allowing even one Syrian “refugee” into the U.S. should be considered an act of treason.

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