Too Far?! NYC Issues First Non-Binary Birth Certificate in the US…

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The LGBT community has been making such a huge deal over gender markers on legal documents for quite some time. By now, their hatred of anatomical correctness is hardly news, but apparently, there’s been a NEW development in the anti-biology hemisphere.

Recently, NYC issued their very first US birth certificate that states that the child is neither male nor female in the “gender” section…

Never before in the United States has a birth certificate ever read “intersex” in the gender field, until now.

A woman named Sara Kelly Keenan, born in Brooklyn 55 years ago had her own birth certificate changed! She said…

“It was wonderful. When I applied in court, I chose ‘non-binary,’ because that’s an umbrella term that would also include gender variant people.” Though Keenan had requested a term not strictly based on medical evidence, she found the city’s correction “really validating.”

There’s one itty bitty problem here with all of the fluffy liberal feel-goodness. “Intersex” is a meaningless word…so you can see how this would complicate things.

“‘Intersex’ is an identity. It is not a clinical term,” stated Dr. Eric Vilain, a professor of human genetics, pediatrics and urology…

He then explained that some transgender people identify as “intersex,” despite the fact that they were not born with a typical genitalia.


The problem here? Non-binary people are turd patties undeserving of happiness. Kidding. False trigger alarm.

While the left rallied for the made-up term “intersex” to be put on birth certificates, in predictable, crybaby fashion… They forgot about the ramifications of the changes. When one leftist butt trumpet gets their way, others tend to follow suit and make similar demands… Chalk it up to progress.

This makes it difficult to draw the line at any other made up term.

Putting false information on legal documents is a bit “problematic” in regards to truthfulness. Take Shaun King, for instance, legally he has claimed to be a black guy, rather than a spray-tanned bridge troll.

There could be a 52-year-old Stephoknee changing his birth certificate to describe that of a “6-year-old girl.” WOW, could this possibly be why some people have a problem with changing legal documents to reflect nothing more than descriptions of how one feels? Smells like factual accuracy to me…

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