NFL Catastrophe! How Faith Defeated Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protests!

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The NFL teams that publicly knelt in protest didn’t even make it to the playoffs, and the team that publicly kneels in prayer instead won the #SuperBowl.

It is not a difficult problem and no, God did not bring the Eagles to an upset victory.

The situation also has nothing to do with God endorsing football. It has to do with the state of mind.

NFL Catastrophe! How Faith Defeated Kaepernick's National Anthem Protests!

While the other teams were concentrating on negative thoughts right before the game, the teams that made it to the playoffs were doing what they were supposed to be doing, thinking positive thoughts.

During the playoffs, many sports commentators began to figure out what I had predicted long before pre-season.

God’s great plan was not just designed for religious purposes. It is about the nature of man and how the mind works. Thus why we pray. God knew during the flood what I will pray for next year. He doesn’t need my prayer, I do. People spend thousands doing the same thing with psychiatrists that prayer accomplishes: Verbally talking through one’s problems.

The same applies to sales. If you start your day out on a positive note, you do much better than if you start it thinking negative thoughts.

I taught sales for years and the most important lesson, and where I always began, was the power of positive feeling.

I always use this funny example from the great Rodney Dangerfield in his hit, Ladybugs:

While it makes us laugh, the lesson is tried and true. I always told my sales classes to get up first thing in the morning, look in the mirror, and verbally speak to themselves:

“You are great! You can do this! I can do anything I set my mind to! It is going to be a successful day!”

And folks, it works…well!

I will say it again: “The teams who had their thoughts on the negative did not do well. The teams who had their thoughts on the positive, did well.”

Colin Kaepernick proved the catastrophic consequences during his last season as an employed quarterback. Goo look at the stats. The more he concentrated on how much he hated America, law enforcement, the National Anthem and the flag…

And the less he concentrated those moments before the game began on how he could accomplish the task, do well, and win….

His playing ability deteriorated.

The 49ers did not release him from contract only because of the headache he was causing in the media, he was failing at his job.

I am all for the freedom of speech.

I value our 2nd Amendment rights, which were not designed for puppy dogs and daffodils, but for items not everyone approves of.

But the case is now clear. Do not protest on your employer’s time clock. Protest on your own time.

But what is telling is the actions that were opposite of the NFL protesters.

One of the few teams who refused to participate in the National Anthem protests, the Philadelphia Eagles, won the SuperBowl Sunday afternoon in a stunning upset victory.

This NFL season, similar to that of 2016, was riddled with politics and opinion. But there was one very different public demonstration that made waves among the NFL.

They prayed. Again, it was not that god intervened and handed them a SuperBowl win, it had to do where their minds were.

They prayed, they studied, they in fact, as a team, practiced the very basics of Faith, which in return, kept them positive.

“Every Monday night we have a couple’s Bible study. We have a Thursday night team Bible study,” Eagles (injured) Quarterback Carson Wentz shared. “And Saturday nights, we actually get together the night before the game and just kind of pray and talk through the Word and what guys have been reading, what they’re struggling with, and just kind of keep it real with each other. To have that here in an NFL facility like this, it’s really special.”

An eight-minute testimonial features Carson Wentz along with wide receiver Torrey Smith and safety Chris Maragos, who openly share their individual faith journeys of redemption and hope.

“I think what we’re always challenging each other with is not to lose sight of the bigger picture,” Wentz said. “Wins, losses, highs, lows, everything that comes with this game, it’s so easy to take your mind and your eyes off the ultimate prize, and that’s living for the Lord.”

You see, it is really as simple as that. Colin Kaepernick, you took your eye off the ball…

Don’t they teach you that basic concept in Pee Wee Football the very first day?

Then a bunch of morons followed his lead. They took their teams to defeat in a big way:

None of the NFL teams that publicly knelt in protest even make it to the playoffs…

…and the team that publicly kneels in prayer instead won the #SuperBowl.

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