Event Organized By ‘Gays Against Sharia Law’ Under ATTACK By LGBT Activists

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The leftist media covfefe machine still insists that Orlando was a mass shooting and “gun violence”, with no mention of the islamic terrorism that was the actual motive. However, there are still many who know what really happened that awful night, and many members of the LGBT community are wanting to march in the honor of the lives that were lost that night. However, they are running into a lot of heat for it, and from their own community too.

They are being branded “divisive” and “Islamophobic” by other LGBT activists that are planning a counter-protest for the “Gays Against Sharia” march. The organisers of the Unite Against Hate march, is set to take place in Manchester this Sunday and they are stating that the event is to honor the victims of hate, that is including the 49 people who lost their lives at Pulse, that gay club in Florida.

Of course other LGBT activists have responded with hate, insisting that the event be shut down and the attempt of the ‘far right’ to use the march as a cover for Islamophobia. There are two groups, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, and Action for Trans Health, who are putting together a counter-protest event against the march.

Classic libs…

They have done countless marches without such response from the right, and yet here they are…once again trying to shut down freedom of speech.

Dirtbags unite!

“We’re protesting because the far-right want to use Orlando and the recent killings in the UK to demonise all Muslims,” one of the organisers of the counter-protest, Anna, told Pink News.

“We are clear that it is genocidal to consider millions of people responsible for the actions of a few violent men.

“As queers, we know what it’s like for right-wingers to hate us – so we won’t be divided like this.”

One of the organisers of the Unite Against Hate march is Tommy English, a fellow traveller of Tommy Robinson’s and former leader of the English Defence League’s LGBT group who now runs Gays Against Sharia. Opponents have seized upon his presence to claim the march is nothing but a front for far-right Islamophobes.

Pink News quotes Sam Bjorn as saying: “As LGBT+ people we won’t stand idly by as far right bigots like the EDL attempt to use our rights as a weapon against people from the Muslim community.

“When groups like the EDL are preying on tragedy like the recent attack in Manchester to promote hate and division, it’s more important than ever to come together and say that we do not tolerate their Islamophobia and racism.

“We encourage everyone, gay or straight, to join us on 11 June to show that the LGBT+ community and the people of Manchester won’t let the hate of far-right bigots divide us.”

Pink News has joined in the condemnation, branding the event as a “fake” and accusing the organisers of “hijacking the first anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting with an anti-Muslim march,” which it described as a “disturbing tactic”.

Veteran gay rights activist Peter Tatchell has also entered the fray, tweeting his opposition to the march.

When confronted by fellow Twitter users who accused him of “defending the wrong people”, he reacted by tweeting his “delight” at having been “targeted” by “fascists”, as he said it showed he had “rattled the far right”.

Just a few weeks later Tatchell tweeted an appeal to help overturn the death penalty for homosexuality, which still exists in several countries.

The opposing march by Tatchell is against anyone who questions Sharia.

They therefore support people like Anjem Choudary who demands that all gays have their heads chopped off.

Did the Tatchel group have a counter protest when Anjem Choudary was marching through Britain against all gays? Nope. I am telling you when it come to liberals, there is a DNA wiring problem. They make a lot of noise and no sense!

Go to any environmental rally….Watch the crowd wail, gnash their teeth, beat their chests and pull their hair out about how badly we’re polluting our planet.

Then check out the mountains of trash and filth they leave behind as they all pat themselves on the back for saving Mother Earth.

It’s gone beyond mere political indoctrination, in my view…The Left now embraces a total disconnect from all reality and all consequences of their misguided actions…Indeed, they insist on it as the price of admission to their club…As if mental illness or irrational behavior were a civic virtue

It’s all about what makes them feel good. They assume a moral superiority to everyone else, and their beliefs feed into that misconception.

Absolutely ridiculous!

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