Europe Opens First Concentration Camp Since Hitler, Guess Who This One is For?

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Concentration camps are no longer a relic of World War II or a thing of the past, and we have a European nation to thank for that deeply alarming fact.

There are now six concentration camps illegally imprisoning gay men in Chechnya. Despite Chechnya first denying knowledge of a ‘purge’, President Ramzan Kadyrov wants to eliminate the gay community by the end of May.

Novaya Gazata newspaper reported on 1 April that at least 100 men had been imprisoned in two former military jails in the Chechen villages of Argun and Tsotsi-Yurt.

Europe Opens First Concentration Camp Since Hitler, Guess Who This One is For?

But now they have discovered at least four more concentration camps have been discovered. The men, who face physical beatings, starvation and shocks in homemade electric chairs, are forced to promise to never return to Chechnya or be killed.

Chechnya, a region which is located under Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rule but controlled by Muslims, has opened up the very first concentration camp since Adolf Hitler. The detention center is for housing homosexuals.

What is happening to gays in Middle Eastern countries, where they are thrown off the tops of buildings to their deaths, is perhaps not even as horrific as what they are being made to endure in the new camp, where they are being tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death slowly.

Just last week, 100 gays were detained and three killed in the camp, according to the Daily Mail.

Human rights groups such as the Russian LGBT Network together with global organizations such as ‘All Out’ have launched donation drives to raise funds to evacuate those who are affected. The Russian LGBT Network is working to evacuate gay men and get them to safety.

Global leaders such as US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and UK Foreign Office Minister Baroness Anelay have also expressed concerns of the happenings in Chechnya.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied the existence of the concentration camp for gays, effectively turning a blind eye to the horror happening in his own country, despite the fact that it has been widely reported by the international media.

Putin’s resistance should come as no surprise, though, as he recently sided with radical Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad instead of the United States following Assad’s chemical attack on his people.

One of the Russian reporters who exposed the detention and torture of gay men in Chechnya has gone into hiding amid fears of retribution as the scope of alleged abuse widens.

Both the Kremlin and Chechen government have dismissed “provocative” reports by Novaya Gazeta, which said at least 100 men had been rounded up and jailed at secret prisons on suspicion of being gay.

Nina Ognianova, the group’s Europe and Central Asia coordinator, called for Russian authorities to ensure the safety of reporters.

Novaya Gazeta reporters have taken enormous risks and have paid the highest price for uncovering human rights abuses and speaking truth to power,” she added.

“They should not fear for their safety because they are doing their job(s).”


Europe Opens First Concentration Camp Since Hitler, Guess Who This One is For

At least three have been killed, the newspaper said, while other detailed horrific torture and beatings before being released with the threat of relatives carrying out “honor killings”.

This is the consequence of allowing the Islamic way of life to permeate Western culture. What is amazing is that the party of so-called gay rights, the Democrats, seem to think fully supporting the Islamic Extremism that has it’s eyes on devastating Western culture.

Insanity. History repeats itself.


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