The Establishment GOP Didn’t Fight to End ObamaCare – and Now They Can’t …

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GOP imageLast week, when the establishment GOP betrayed the faith placed in it to keep its promise to defeat ObamaCare, may have been its last chance to do so.

There are excuses.  ”We all voted not to support ObamaCare!” This is not a new GOP mantra. Neither is it the same thing as doing everything you can to defeat it.

Now it’s over and the “peacemaking” begins. It wasn’t that establishment GOPers were upset with Cruz, Lee & Co, it’s just that they disagreed with the tactic of defunding and preferred a different approach. Which, of course, explains the public insults of Cruz over the last few months, on the issue of ACA and other things, by AZ Senator John McCain, by NY Congressman Peter King and, unfortunately, by one of my own TN Senators, Bob Corker. There was even a mostly anonymous Top 10 best Cruz insults list.

However, it’s the strategic explanation that, “After being subject to ObamaCare for a year, voters will return power to the GOP and we’ll fix it then!” that is the most troubling.

After the GOP’s failure to prevent the implementation of the ACA, it now goes forward full steam. Doing so, yet another thing the President told us is proven untrue. We cannot keep keep our insurance if we like it. Because the entities which currently provide most health insurance are not required to continue to do so. And many of them are not.

In recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of retirees were informed their company health insurance plan is being cancelled and they are being dumped on private exchanges to replace it. Major US employers doing this include Time Warner, GE and IBMThis is being seen as the wave of the future.

Just this week 300,000 insureds in Florida alone were told their plans were ending. These were privately purchased plans by consumers. All of these people are being dumped on ACA exchanges since they have no “employer” component.

This is why the GOP will never dismantle ObamaCare. The old healthcare system is being dismantled. After March 1, 2014 at the latest, all that will be left will be ObamaCare. There won’t be a ready option to default back to. As bad as it is, Americans will be dependent upon it for healthcare. This will be true of consumers, retirees, people with life threatening illnesses and so on. Imagine the worst possible mash-up of victims you can … for the first time, it will actually be true … all will be dependent upon government healthcare.

If establishment GOP tacticians like McCain and King and Tennessee’s Corker and Alexander did not stop this bill before it actually hurt someone, on what basis should I believe that a year from now they will end a program every American depends on? Two years ago, it was a lie that the GOP wanted to push grandma off a cliff. A year from now it won’t be.

The establishment GOP has painted itself into a corner. I see no way out for them.

They would not lead, stand and fight when it was unpopular but possible. I have no confidence they will lead, stand or fight when it is desperate but not really possible.

Those who denigrated Cruz and his supporters for wanting a leader who would lead from the front, tell us the truth, identify the enemy, develop a strategy and be honest about the costs of implementing it, won. In the end, I believe America will be the loser.

Many elected Republicans share my concern. Tennessee’s GOP delegation in the US House has been outstanding. But they aren’t in charge. When they speak up, they are excoriated by foes and those who ought to be friends. If this is the solution, count me out. I do not know where I will look for relief. But the GOP just went to the back of the line …

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