End of Times? We Agree With Geraldo Rivera and Piers Morgan on THIS!

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First, you might say Geraldo Rivera and Piers Morgan are two journalists you don’t pay much attention to.  I know I don’t. But surprising enough, they are two journalists who lately seem to be on the ‘right’ side of the conservative issues and most of time even stepping up to defend President Trump. It hasn’t always been that way, so it’s kind of refreshing to know even a couple of liberal journalists think the far-left liberals have gone too far off their rockers, even when it comes to political correctness or Trump’s temporary immigration ban. 09-geraldo-rivera.w710.h473.2x

First, let’s talk about Geraldo and political correctness that went TOO far and how Geraldo said ENOUGH already!

H/T The Hill:

Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera quit his position at Yale University after the Ivy League school announced it would remove the name of a pro-slavery lawmaker from one of its residential colleges.

Yale’s Calhoun College was named after Vice President John C. Calhoun, a 19th-century slavery supporter and white supremacist from South Carolina who attended Yale.

Yale announced plans to rename Calhoun College after Grace Murray Hopper, an alum of the school and a renowned computer scientist and Navy rear admiral, the New York Times reported.

Rivera announced his decision to resign from his position at the university on Sunday over Twitter.

Resigned yeterday as Associate Fellow of at . Been an honor but intolerant insistence on political correctness is lame.

His ideas are repugnant but name change would shock who named John C Calhoun 1 of 5 “greatest” all-time senators in 1957

Feb 13

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Is there a Wikipedia link to ‘LetspretendObamadidnothingwrongism’?

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Feb 14

Obama deported THREE MILLION people. Where was the outrage over that?

70% of Americans polled before the election believed country was going in wrong direction. That’s why Trump won.

Feb 12

Would you like me to explain why all your political views keep being defeated at the ballot box?
Thanks. I just want everyone to calm the **** down. Trump won, deal with it.
TOTALLY! I never thought I would say it…but I agree with Piers Morgan!
Liberals need to deal with it! President Trump is America’s president. The rest of us had to deal with 8 years of Obama, and you didn’t see Republicans or Romney creating a “shadow government because we didn’t get our way did you?
The Trump’s temporary immigration ban is NOT a ban on ALL Muslims. President Trump is trying to fulfill a campaign promise – to keep America SAFE again, close the borders to radical Islamic terrorists, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Why would ANY patriot want to get in the way of making America Great again!?  Why do liberals or Democrats feel the need to keep dumbing down society, unless the ultimate goal is socialism? Americans voted against socialism and Hillary Clinton. They voted for Donald Trump for President.
Piers Morgan and Geraldo Rivera have not always been right, but it seems, even the lunatic nutjob liberals have pushed them over to the ‘right’ side of things. No, it’s not the end of the world, but it is a new beginning even for them.
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