Elliot Rodger Liberal Fan of Far-Left “Young Turks” YouTube Show

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My heroes… next to me.

Why are all mass murderers Democrats?

A quick glance into psycho-murderer Elliot Rodger’s favorite pastime – YouTube videos – and you’ll see who was influencing his fantasy world of hatred.

The 22-year-old self-described virgin killer’s only “Favorited” political YouTube Channel is “The Young Turks” – one of the most far left-wing, anti-social, hate-spewing, anti-American, vitriolic “shows” you’ll ever wish you never saw.

This YouTube account was where Elliot Rodgers posted his fantasies and rants about killing, the blame for his misery and his “Day of Retribution.”

Elliot Rodger YouTube Channel and his only “FAVORITED” politics (circled)

Question: How full-tilt left do you have to be in order for MSNBC to reject you? If you can believe it, the “Young Turks” program was tossed off MSNBC for actually being too nutso far-left!

When they felt delusional former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur was criticizing Barack Obama unfairly, “The Young Turks” was relegated to the Internet where they no doubt have more viewers than they ever could at at the Obama PR Channel.

Cenk – #2 best-looking guy in my head.. next to me.

Cenk, the Turkish-born Turk – hey, a single entendre – was replaced by a more moderate Al Sharpton. I’m laughing as I write this, yes.

The Young Turks are huge, by the way – they have a massive following online for their extreme hate-addled leftist rhetoric and simpleton put-down humor – and Elliot Rodger felt right at home.

In fact, this sad and demented lefty thought Obama and the Democrats weren’t far-left enough if we’re to believe his YouTube account preferences. And at this point, I do – after Rodger came through on the rest of it last week. A young, despondent, spoiled little elitist brat from a Hollywood family – brainwashed by the far-left and now dead by his own hand with a trail of mayhem, dead bodies and ruined families behind him.

Who’s to blame? Pin the tail on the donkey, my friends.

What’s a mainstream journalist to do? A Hollywood director’s son? Damn.. Can’t exactly call him a “privileged white kid” – his mom is Indonesian – that crap only works when you’re half-black and you’re going for the black thing… Wait – Sarah Palin! What? Stabbed his roommates? Ran people down with a BMW? Followed all Jerry Brown’s Gun-Control Laws? Inconvenient truths, eh guys?

The major media is really having a hard time steering this mass murderer into their conservative pigeon-hole as yet another crazy turns out to be one of theirs. Like all the others, Rodger was a devoted and indoctrinated liberal. A Young Turk, if you will.



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