Elizabeth Warren Campaign Crashes! New Document Proves She Used “American Indian” As Race

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Elizabeth Warren, primary candidate for the 2020 Presidential election, has consistently stated that she never used the status of Native American to further her career, but new documents prove that to be a big bold lie.

Senator Elizabeth Warren listed her race as American Indian on her registration card for the State Bar of Texas in 1986, the Washington Post reports.

While there’s no indication Warren had anything to gain by reporting herself as Native American, her denials that she used the status at all is now in serious question.

She refused to comment on the story as she entered the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night.

The revelation comes just days after Warren apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test in an effort to prove her Native American ancestry. The move prompted significant backlash ahead of her decision to run for president in 2020.

The Massachusetts Senator had previously spoken of her Native American ancestry often, until it became apparent that it was “not so truthful.”

Warren’s office, questioned by The Post, did not dispute the authenticity of the bar card.

The legitimacy of Warren’s claims to Native American heritage have been challenged by many critics.

While Warren was at U. Penn. Law School, she put herself on the “Minority Law Teacher” list as Native American in the faculty directory of the Association of American Law Schools. Penn’s 2005 Minority Equity Report identified her as the recipient of a 1994 faculty award, listing her name in bold to signify that she was a minority.

Harvard Law School at one time promoted Warren as a Native American faculty member.

But Warren has continued to deny that she benefited from her claim.

Warren has said that as a child she was told by older family members that she had Native American ancestry, and that “being Native American has been part of my story, I guess, since the day I was born.”

Following a challenge by President Donald Trump to pay $1 million to her favorite charity if she could prove her Native American ancestry via a DNA test, Warren released results of a DNA test in 2018.

They basically proved that she has very little, in fact a fraction of a fraction of a fraction, of Native American blood. Definitely not enough to spend her career claiming Native American heritage.

The use of DNA to determine Native American heritage was criticized by the Cherokee Nation as “inappropriate and wrong”.

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Last week, Warren apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test in an attempt to prove she had Native-American ancestry, and on Tuesday, she again more broadly apologized for identifying as Native American “for almost two decades.”

Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesman Mike Reed said in a statement:

“For the seven years this has been in the news, Elizabeth Warren has refused to apologize. Now, four days before her formal presidential launch, she’s issued a politically opportunistic apology that doesn’t go nearly far enough. Warren pretended to be a minority to climb the Ivy League ladder – a lie that will continue to haunt her presidential ambitions.” can add if possible?”


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