Elderly Man Becomes United Airlines Next Victim, After Asking For Help – Gets Pushed Down! [VIDEO]

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It has been two months since witnesses recorded the scene of a 69-year-old man being dragged off a United Airlines because they ‘overbooked,’ a new disgusting video of the same airline is threatening to tangle up the airline in more hate tweets than before.

The video was obtained by KPRC, and reveals a United Airlines customer service representative shoving a 71-year-old down flat on his back, a move that supposedly had knocked him senseless. All this was brought on because he needed help with his boarding pass.

What makes the video look even worse for the airline, is that while on the ground and knocked out, no employee from United Airlines bothered to help, or stop and check if he was alright. Only one good Samaritan passenger, who was luckily a nurse catching a flight, stopped to help the elderly man then call 911.

The victim is the grandfather to a United frequent flyer Ronald Tigner, and he is now suing the airline and the employee who assaulted him – Alejandro Anastasia – for negligence. His asking price? Over $1,000,000 in compensation.

Daily Mail:

According to the lawsuit, Tigner approached Anastasia at Bush Intercontinental Airport in 2015, asking for a new boarding pass because his was garbled.

William Hoke, Tigner’s attorney, said that Anastasia responded by laughing and cursing at him.

‘Anastasia was looking at Mr. Tigner and started smiling and said, “Can’t you see we’re busy?” and there’s no one in the vicinity of these two employees,’ Hoke told KPRC. ‘And he tells Anastasia to wipe that smile off his face. That’s when Anastasia says, “I’ll kick your (expletives)” and shoves Tigner to the ground.’

The video then shows Anastasia walking away, while not a single United employee tries to help the elderly man. About 50 seconds in, a female passenger runs over to Tigner’s side and then appears to shout for help.

‘It was a good Samaritan, who was a nurse, that was catching a flight, ran over and said, “Please, God. Someone call 911,”‘ Hoke said.

A United employee finally notified authorities, but conveniently didn’t tell 911 how Tigner actually met the ground. According to the recorded conversation between the employee and the 911 operator, when asked what the emergency was, the employee only mentioned that ‘a 70-year-old male’ had ‘fallen down’.

‘Ok, is he awake?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Do you know the cause of the fall?’

The worker ended with a ‘No.’

At the end of the video, the police officers are seen coming to Tigner’s aide. Tigner was later hurried to the hospital and treated for a head injury, one that still gives him concussion-like symptoms, according to him.

As you might have guessed, Anastasia was charged with felony crime of injury to an elderly individual and now has to pay a major fine for his actions, write a letter of apology to Tigner, then attend mandatory anger-management classes.

In a statement released on Tuesday, United Airlines stated that Anastasia was given the boot and no longer works for the company, and they are trying to make everything right with Tigner.

Good luck.

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