Duke Professor: Libertarians ‘Seem to be on the Autism Spectrum’

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It’s getting easier to roll my eyes at the liberal nutjobs that teach at our colleges and universities. At the same time, there is a frightening realization that these are the people who have an enormous influence on the political beliefs of the largest voting bloc there is, millennials.

Most kids go to college with a flimsy world view and these professors are like rock stars to these students. We shouldn’t underestimate the influence they can have.

Attacking anyone who isn’t a liberal is their speciality, but instead of using any kind of logic to hash out the issues, liberals like to go straight for the brainless arguments, you know, racism, hate, that kind of thing.

But at Duke University, one professor took it one step further, saying she believes conservatives and libertarians are actually “on the autism spectrum” because apparently autistic people, she believes, are heartless and unable to empathize (a point many people actually on the spectrum have been pointing out is just plain wrong).

H/T Campus Reform

A Duke University history professor recently suggested that many of the conservative and libertarian subjects of her book “seem to be on the autism spectrum.”

Nancy MacLean, author of the controversial book Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America, made the comments during a February 7 lecture at the New York City Unitarian Church of All Souls, where she was slated to discuss “the roots and agenda of the radical right.”

She was delivering a presentation on her book’s conspiratorial thesis about the American libertarian movement, which she claims originated with Nobel Prize-winning economist James Buchanan. Almost exactly one hour into the event, an audience member asked her “where his motivations” and ideas came from, and whether those are ideas are “ones of personal greed or…malevolence.”

After praising the interrogator for asking “such a profound question,” MacLean speculated that libertarian views might be the result of autism.

“As an author, I have struggled with this, and I could explain it in different ways. I didn’t put this in the book, but I will say it here,” she answered. “It’s striking to me how many of the architects of this cause seem to be on the autism spectrum—you know, people who don’t feel solidarity or empathy with others, and who have difficult human relationships sometimes.”

“I don’t know, that is speculation,” she reminded the audience, but despite the disclaimer, an audience member later referred to “autistic libertarians” in a question. At another point in the lecture, MacLean also called Trump’s federal judicial appointees “illegitimate.”

MacLean is a history professor and “scholar of the twentieth-century U.S.” at Duke, a private North Carolina university.

You know, just because libertarians and conservatives believe that people should help themselves instead of being treated like children and coddled (and controlled) by the government doesn’t mean we don’t have empathy.

It actually takes a lot of empathy to try to guide people to take care of themselves, any parent knows this. But the liberal view of empathy means making everyone a winner and we can all see how that tactic has played out in young people today. An entire generation has been branded the “Me” generation because of all of the “empathy” they have been shown.

Day after day, I continue to see big name colleges and universities make headlines for these off the wall professors! Where do they get these people? It is baffling! I used to always be a huge proponent of higher education and would encourage anyone to attend the “best” college they could, but that no longer means these liberal elite colleges.

These places have turned away from actual education to simple indoctrination centers.  I am just waiting for some breaking point for people to wake up and see the madness at these places!

Tuition at Duke is over $50,000 a year. People are going into massive debt to finance an education, and for what? Is learning this liberal drivel really going to land them that dream job?

Somewhere along the line we have gone way off the path in education. I can only hope that eventually common sense will return to academia! I did say….hope. Maybe I should add, hope and pray.

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