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Here’s your Drunken News for the day, from Drunken News for the day, with my drunken comments…

-On Alicia Keys’ debut album, “Songs in A Minor”, only two of the 16 songs are actually in A Minor.

… ironically, she herself was a minor at the time.

-The only state you can type with one row of keys on the keyboard is Alaska.

… people there are glad because most of their fingers are frozen.

-Red Solo Cups are popular souvenirs for people visiting America.

… we’re famous the world over for Capitalism, the Statue of Liberty and Beer pong.

-So much buried treasure is found in the UK that they need specific laws regarding finds. Any discovered treasure must first be offered to UK museums at a price set by the independent Treasure Valuation Committee. Only if no museums want the find can the treasure be privately sold or kept.

… HEY LOOK HERE, I …  um… I uh found. nothing. never mind.

-In the 1928 Olympics, Australian sculler Bobby Pearce stopped rowing to let a family of ducks pass. His opponent ended up with a 5 length lead. In the final 1,000 meters Pearce pulled ahead by 30 seconds, not only winning the gold but setting a Games record.

… the 3 swans near the finish line didn’t fare so well.

-Louis Vuitton (the designer) left his childhood home at age 13 after his mother’s death. He then decided to go to Paris by foot, a journey that took him 2 years, finding shelter and work as he went along.

… sadly, he only had a tiny black bag to carry all his things in

-Venus flytraps are only native to North and South Carolina.

… Pluto flytraps are native to Disneyland

-Of the 77 Olympians competing in the golf tournament at the 1904 Summer Olympics, 74 of them represented the USA and 3 of them represented Canada. Canada won the Gold.

… yes, but who won the hockey gold medal? huh? … wait, what? never mind.

-Robert E. Lee graduated second in his class from the United States Military Academy. More impressive however, is that he received no demerits his entire time there. To this day, that has never been matched.

… sounds like a really, really, fun guy. barrel of monkeys.

-The first eBook was created by Michael S. Hart in 1971, while he was a student at the University of Illinois. He typed the entire text of the Declaration of Independence onto a computer and made it available for others to download.

… And they could deposit $3.2 million in a Nigerian bank account to get back $12 million.

-In 1998 the Carolina Panthers needed a safety. They moved Ryan Sutter from the practice squad to the active roster. On the opening kickoff he went for a tackle, severely injuring his shoulder, playing only 5 seconds. He never played in the NFL again making his career the shortest in NFL history.

… He still had a longer career than “The Knack”

-UY Scuti is the largest star we have ever discovered, and is thought to be the largest star in our galaxy. If it were to replace our Sun, its surface would reach the orbit of Saturn.

… Please, no one tell Al Gore.


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