Drinking Like A Fish

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A video from fishermen in Brazil show a fish perched up on the side of their boat drinking from a can of beer. I’m legally obligated to make a joke about “drinking like a fish.”

I wish I could say that the fish had been forced to drink the beer, but he’s on the side of the boat by his own power and swims away after he’s had enough.

The fish appears to have around 20 sips of the beer during the video.

Check out the full video below. The Brazilian fisherman are speaking Portugese, but you can still tell how much they’re enjoying themselves.

Social Media Comments

While some people are calling the fishermen “ignorant” and “stupid” for feeding beer to the fish, others are straight out calling anyone who shares the video as “promoting animal cruelty.” They don’t even catch the fish afterwards! Can’t enjoy anything these days.

On Youtube, people had a better sense of humor:

Well, not much left to see anymore. I can now die a fulfilled man.


he was an alcoholic in his previous life


That fish is now busy bullying all other fishes thinking hes a shark


is this fish over 18 years old?

Beer commercials are getting better these days.


Puts a new twist on “beer battered fried fish”. lmao

And finally, a comment from a man who seems to have a bit of fish sense explaining why this particular specimen may have been so quick to have a brew:

I own many small fish and the baby fry love the taste of ground up yeast which may explain this fishes love of beer they just naturaly love beer lol

 What’s That Beer?

The fisherman are carrying cans of Skol which is now one of the most popular beer brands in Brazil. The beer is produced all over the world and the name comes from the Scandinavian toast “skål.”

2014 Study: Drunk Fish are Anti-Social

According to a study posted in the journal Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry, fish exposed to “moderate levels of ethanol” during their brain’s development phase impacts their social behavior as adults.

Scientists exposed Zebrafish eggs to ethanol for a week and were followed into adulthood. When tested against control fish, the ones who were sloshed for a week as eggs spent “significantly less time” being social. As well, the fish would spend more time on the bottom of their tanks.

The study’s authors weren’t out there looking for the best ways to ruin your fish’s social life, they were performing an experiment that could never take place in humans. Since humans exposed to alcohol while still in the womb display social deficits, the purpose of the study was to see if testing the impact of alcohol on zebrafish could be used as a stand-in for human subjects.

Unsurprisingly, a drunk fish acts like a drunk human. Adult Zebrafish swim twice as fast in social settings when fed ethanol. They also display less cautious behavior, so the poor fishy in the Brazilian video may have had a tragic day after knocking back the brew.

Vegans: ‘Fish Feel Pain’

A family in Florida had their fishing trip crashed by the animal rights activists with Direct Action Everywhere. Father Bob Hope told local news that his family were fishing for dinner when they caught a tilapia. Then, a group of people approached them to denounce the activity, telling Hope’s eight-year-old son that the fish feels pain, and that the boy was hurting the fish. The half-dozen protesters then grabbed the fish and threw it back into the water. So, the man called 911 and the rest was caught on tape.

Drunk Man Blames Beer Battered Fish

A few years back a Wisconsin man tried to blame the beer-battered fish he had for supper on why he appeared to be swerving on the road. The cops weren’t buying it.

Girl with Barbie Fishing Pole Reels in Massive Bass

One father is almost as surprised as his daughter who managed to film her catch a 20″ bass with a bright pink Barbie toy.

Watch Brazilian Video Here

Here’s the 33 second video showing the action!

Sources: Daily Mail, US National Institutes of Health

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