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(*Reader warning, I’m using more exclamation points in this article than I normally use in a year.)  I’ll say it again, “DON’T BAN BUMP STOCKS!!!!!!”  Since the Vegas murders, numerous pundits and politicians on the Right, Left, and even the NRA have stated so many inaccuracies that I needed to set the record straight before we go down a road that we cannot recover from.  “Well, that’s probably because you own a bunch of Bump Stocks and want your guns to be fully-automatic machine guns!”  No, but I do manufacture ARs.  That being said, I’d never put a “Bump Stock” on any of them.  I think it’s a gimmick that isn’t worth the money.  The fact is, the bump stock probably made it so this vile murderer didn’t injure/kill more people.

Now pretty much “everyone” will tell you that the Bump Stock allows you to shoot fully-automatic (400-1,200 rounds per minute).  Yes, I heard it said that it can shoot 1,200 rounds per minute.  I too was unaware that the Bump Stock was able to achieve the rate of fire nearing that of a mini-gun (2,000 rounds+ per minute).  Perhaps it’s because the polymer the Bump Stock is made of consists of ground up unicorn horns.  But I digress.  If you look at how the Bump Stock operates, it requires the shooter to push forward on the firearm with their off-hand (the hand not pulling the trigger) in order for it to recoil correctly and keep the shooter’s finger touching the trigger.  As the gun recoils after being fired the stock rocks the shooter’s finger back-and-forth on the trigger.  This rocking motion mimics shooting “rapid fire” (NOT FULL-AUTO!!!).  On its best day, I’d estimate a Bump Stock on an AR-15 is able to fire around 400-500 rounds per minute.  Now here’s were it gets complicated for those who have never shot a Bump Stock, or AR-15, before: ONE CAN ACHIEVE THE SAME RATE OF FIRE WITH A SEMI-AUTO COMPETITION TRIGGER!!!!  The reset (time it takes for the trigger to travel and reset to fire the next round) on a competition AR trigger is extremely short.  This allows for rapid shooting on the range, or in a 3-Gun competition.  The shooter is still required to manually pull the trigger every time they want to fire the next round.  We use Hiperfire 24 3G triggers in our guns.  An experienced shooter can easily fire this trigger north of 400 rounds per minute.  There are also binary triggers (you can research that yourself).  So how would the use of a bump stock on the AR in Vegas make it so the murderer didn’t achieve more senseless injury/death?  Answer: See above on how the Bump Stock operates.

Now, the off-hand pushing forward on the gun allows the system to function, but both hands must be on the gun to operate it.  Given this, pointing it in a downward direction (as the murderer was doing from the 32nd floor) would actually assist in firing the gun (gravity).  That being said, the Bump Stock probably caused more issues for the murderer than he had expected.  This is typically the case with these sort of aftermarket products.  There’s a reason our military doesn’t use Bump Stocks. With 22,000+ people 500 yards below him, there are other shooting strategies he could have utilized (that I will not point out) that would have resulted in far worse causalities.  It is has also not been reported which rifles were used and how many rounds were fired through them.

The sounds of gunshots can also be deceiving. From where he was shooting, the sound was echoing off neighboring buildings. Also, with rounds like the 223/5.56 that the AR shoots, its breaking the sound barrier, which adds an additional sound. So, with each pull of the trigger one will hear the sonic boom, the shot from the window, and then the echoing of both of these.

Again, I don’t use Bump Stocks, I don’t own a Bump Stock, and I’d never put one on an AR builds.  However, if you bend on this (NRA/Republicans) you’ve started down a very slippery slope.  Today they ban Bump Stocks, next it’s 7-10 round magazine restrictions, and then it’s Brady Bill-type gun control laws once more.  After all this is in place, the approximate 20,000+ people who kill themselves every year with one bullet (suicide) will be the last straw, because we must protect them from themselves.

There is anger and hurting on all sides of this equation.  None greater than that of the family/friends of those injured and killed in Vegas.  Gun control isn’t the answer though, heart control is.  It’s been well said, many times, “You can’t legislate morality.”  If you are one of the people that wishes to harm the innocent, first, I hope you develop a real relationship with God.  Last time I checked, people who go to church don’t participate in mass murder.  Second, if you hate God, and your fellow man (and somehow have access to a gun), the best use of that bullet is on yourself.  Our enemies thrive on us being divided.  Let’s not give them the satisfaction America.

Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: [email protected] and on Twitter

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