Dolphin Succulents Are the New Trend and Will Be Your New Houseplant Obsession

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Move over bunny succulents, we know you have never been more in style – but you have just been passed like a parked car by mmmm… Dolphins! Uber-low maintenance, succulents make the best houseplants for gardeners of any age to learn how to develop green thumbs.

Bunny succulents, a rare succulent variety known as Monilaria Moniliformis that was also known as the String of Pearls, grew like bunny ears from their base, and inspired many an Easter gift in the past few years. Now, though, there’s a new animal-like succulent out there: Dolphin succulents:


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Dolphins are a cross-pollination between Senecio Rowleyanus, or the String of Pearls bunny succulents, and Senecio Articulatus, also known as the hot dog cactus. These truly look like tiny little dolphins, don’t they? The uncanny resemblance makes for one adorable dolphin plant. It even sprouts white and pink flowers!

How do you care for Senecio Peregrinus, the dolphin necklace variety shown here? It’s easy, and similar to bunny succulents. They tend to thrive in colder months inside, so they’re best kept in the comfort of your air conditioner during the summers.

Succulent terrariums are part of the latest indoor plant craze, but you’ll want to keep these tiny jumping dolphins free of any barriers as they grow. Stick to open pots when planting these adorable succulents.

Sow the seeds on well-draining mineral soil in the container. When you’re ready to plant in a planter, use a container with free-draining soil and ventilation. You can combine the plants as long as there’s ample room for each to grow. Like most succulents, plenty of sun and light watering is necessary for the growth of these cute plants. When these begin to grow, you’ll be so glad your home decor includes tiny dolphins jumping around.




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