Dog Puts Car in Reverse and Drives Around For an Hour: We are not kidding – VIDEO

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I know you think this is BS news, but it’s NOT. A dude left his car running with his dog in it and the kick-ass dog decided to put it in reverse and go on an hour-long spin. Literally. In circles for an hour, knocking down everything in it’s way.

There was one small problem, though: The dog was unlicensed in the state of Florida. No word on whether the good boy received a moving violation or a week in the slammer… I mean, kennel.

Following that, the dog exited the vehicle unharmed. Show over.

New York, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, and Uncle Bernie’s Vermont grant drivers licenses to illegal immigrants from countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras.

But what about licenses for those who really do the work Americans don’t want to do?

I’m talking, of course, about dogs.

Collateral damage for the sake of making a statement: some garbage cans.

As for how the show got greenlit, as it turns out, the dog’s owner had left his car running in the street.

He’s promised to fix the mailbox.

It was a perfect piece: The pooch used someone else’s gas to go ’round and ’round and do nothing but make a mess.

As for canine rights, personally, I say let ’em drive — it’d greatly troll the environmental elites, who appear to believe it’s wrong to travel in anything other than private jets. And safety won’t be a problem — where I live in LA, once you get on the freeway, you can’t go anywhere anyway.

However, there is, of course, a terrible physical limitation that will forever keep dogs from being full-fledged American drivers: Lacking a thumb and sporting only four toes, they don’t have a middle finger.

At least he doesn’t have glitter on his nuts: BELOW

Putting Glitter on Your Dog’s Testicles is a Trend Now, Apparently

Putting Glitter on Your Dog’s Testicles is a Trend Now, Apparently



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