Do ‘Transgender Robots’ Back Up Claim That it’s a Choice?

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The sexbot business is booming as men have taken a liking to transgender sex robots that are shipped with both male and female genitalia. What’s going on in their brains?

One company based in north-west China is producing 400 sex dolls every month, and have been so successful with their new line of double-your-pleasure dual usage dolls that sex and relationship therapists in the western world are having to explain to media why so many of these sexbots are crossing the borders.

Sex Doll Factories Are Getting Creative

On firm, DS Dolls, based in north-west China produces 400 sex dolls a month and has recently been offering a very popular “penis and vagina attachment” bonus for customers who are looking to buy transgender dolls, kind of like those Cuisinart mixers that can be switched between the paddle and the whisk.

The premium dolls cost around $6,000, and they’re a hot commodity in Europe where they have the local business Cloud Climax act as a reseller. The reseller says that they are attempting to change minds because so many people assume that the dolls are for men only. But there’s a good reason for that stereotype.

But Why Are Men Buying?

According to sex therapist Sari Cooper, straight men are interested in buying these double-ended sex dolls in order to repeat something that they watched previously in pornographic films.

“It is not surprising to see the rise in popularity of transgender dolls. Specifically, heterosexual men will use transgender dolls because a very large proportion of them are interested in transgender porn.”

And it really is a male phenomenon. Women are generally uninterested in porn, unless they are specifically searching out lesbian porn. One major difference between men and women who watch porn is that women like to watch the plotlines, because they want to know why the pizza guy and the woman are having sex. It explains why women make up such a market for romance novels. Not only do we ladies like to be romanced, but we want to see the maiden in the novel saved by the scary pirate who falls for her. Men are happy just getting straight to business.

In general, women don’t want to consume pornographic material that they can’t try out on their own at home with a partner, while men like to go overboard and watch things that are far removed from real life.

According to Cooper of the New York Center For Love And Sex,

“I think, given that [transgender porn] is of particular interest to heterosexual men rather than women, transgender dolls will work for more adventurous couples… There are people who are interested in transgender porn who may want to re-enact what they see in that porn with these dolls.”

As well, some research finds that straight men like seeing transgender women (that is, a person who is born a man and then undergoes surgery and hormone treatment to appear female) because they like breasts and they also identify with the presence of a male member.


In case you’re curious but not quite ready to commit to a $6,000 sex doll, there’s a company in the United Kingdom that allows people to test drive the dolls for a small fee. For about $200 an hour, you can see whether or not it’s time to seriously reconsider your life choices or if you want to descend into madness and degeneracy.

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This ‘sex doll brothel’ is part of a trend that gives us all a reasons to pray for another plague. The owner, a 40-year-old man named Graham, says that it’s not quite like the other sex doll brothels that exist in other European countries, because those establishments also have the real deal. As for the fact that he’s lending out sex toys and an hour in a bed for a fee, he says:

“Seventy per cent of guys aren’t bothered that the dolls have been used before. The other 30 per cent would never touch a used doll.”

Sex Robot Speaks: Transgender Is A Choice

If you’re going to be investing the last bit of your soul into a sex doll, why not pay extra for the ones that will at least talk to you? Recently, one such sex doll has been given a voice and is using it to spread hilarious facts about how deciding to be one gender when you’re born another is a choice, not a fact.

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