Digusting! Ben Shapiro Mocks Catholics and President Trump After Fire Destroys Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

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Ben Shapiro has never been a fan of Donald Trump as president or otherwise, he campaigned against him and still hates him. But to tweet something like this out was beyond disgusting and reeks of what a bigoted far-leftist loser coward would do. Some background, most of which you no doubt know:

On Monday, The historic spire of Notre Dame in Paris came crashing down as fire ripped through the Cathedral and no doubt countless, priceless works of art were destroyed as well as Nine centuries of history and art. The Cathedral is 800 years old. Ben Shapiro acts like he’s 12.

President Donald Trump tweeted out on the horrific destruction several times during the day – here is the one which put Ben Shapiro over the top in his little office under a rock somewhere.

At some point you have to let your Trump hatred go and this would be a perfect day for the haters to shut up and get back to cleaning their mom’s basement and eating rice krispy treats she made this morning. I don’t know if he’s trying to be funny – but why would you be funny about this?

Never-Trumper Ben Shapiro needs to have his brain examined – or his funny bone tweaked. Did he think this tweet mocking Catholics and President Trump was a good idea?

Ben later deleted the tweet. Coward too..

According to French newspaper Le Monde, a fire broke out in the attic and the building was evacuated. Rush-hour traffic and a difficult location made things worse for fire-fighters who did save the main towers from what would have been complete destruction. They didn’t give up.

Officials in Paris are saying the fire may be linked to a multi-million dollar renovation project, however as we reported earlier, this past Friday, Islamic terrorist and local gang member Inez Madani, was jailed for her attempted car bombing outside of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Madani was wounded with a knife in the belly of a police officer during the arrest in 2016. She was jailed for eight years in the attempted attack.

Not everyone on Twitter is sad though. Here are some happy faces from you know who. Jihadists may not have set the fire, but they’re certainly celebrating it.

Should we add Ben Shapiro’s happy face to this video?

No wonder no one wants him speaking at their college.

Weak joke man.. Makes me wonder about what you would say if someone “joked” about violence at a synagogue ? We’d condemn it – just like we’re condemning you here, little dude.

click and read more below:

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