Did Mueller Leak Questions For Trump To Mainstream Media

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Every leak to media is a deliberate attempt to trick readers, trick journalists and change the reputation of the person being ‘exposed.’ So who wins by feeding this information to the New York Times?

Almost 50 questions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller wanted to ask Donald Trump has been leaked to the paper. The questions range in scope, but are mostly on the allegations of the fake news that Trump is in any way tied with Russians. The questions, some of which we’ve picked out to list here, are all intended to attempt to catch Donald in admitting that he had obstructed the inquiry into Russia collusion or to admitting that yes, he stole the whole election and that Hillary deserves the White House.

The Gray Lady is partly owned by the billionaire Mexican Carlos Slim, and party owned by the American Sulzberger Family who are descended from Adolph Ochs, one of the first publishers of the Times.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions that were “leaked.”

Questions ‘Leaked’ To Press

The questions are plain enough (along the same lines as ‘Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife Yet?’), but these jumped out at me.


What knowledge did you have of any outreach by your campaign, including by Paul Manafort, to Russia about potential assistance to the campaign?

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was wiretapped under the Obama administration and FBI investigators listening in noticed a “series of odd connections between Trump associates in Russia,” which turned out to be completely fabricated by Comey. Oops.

What consideration and discussions did you have regarding terminating the special counsel in June of 2017?

We analyzed the recent Comey Memos that were “meant to show that Trump fired Comey to obstruct justice” in order to — in the words of Comey himself last June — to “prompt the appointment of a special counsel.”

Amazing! NYT Leaks Mueller Question That References the NYT

This is my favorite of all, because it’s so self-absorbed and pompous to think that the New York Times was excited to publish a question that referred back to one of their own terrible fake news pieces:

“What did you think and do in reaction to Jan. 25, 2018, story about the termination of the special counsel and Don McGahn backing you off the termination?”

Absolutely beautiful. Trump’s not going to answer these dumb questions because he’s not going to read your stupid worthless articles.

We Should Ask Why Comey Leaked to CNN

Last week we published a piece about the daughter of Barack’s bosom buddy Valerie Jarrett, whose daughter Laura was hired by CNN a few months before the 2016 election and was responsible for splashing the phony Russian Dossier all around the media.

“…a new James Comey memo suggests [Laura] was a plant to leak private information about Trump.”

Comey worked the Laura, CNN and the Department of Justice to make it look like Laura had independently asked Comey about briefing Trump on the Dossier and make it newsworthy simply by asking about it, loudly and over again, and then receiving the Dossier as a “leak.”

Who Benefits From This Leak?

There are two parties involved in this leak. Robert Mueller and his officials involved in drafting the questions, and the New York Times who use the phrase “obtained” to discuss how the questions came across their desks. Certainly the questions didn’t blow in on the wind through an open window.

To start, we know that the New York Times wanted to print them. Midway through the article, the Times admits that they wanted to publish these questions for absolutely no other reason than to remind people that the questions were asked in the first place.

“The questions serve as a reminder of the chaotic first 15 months of the Trump presidency and the transition and campaign before that. Mr. Mueller wanted to inquire about public threats the president made, conflicting statements from Mr. Trump and White House aides, the president’s private admissions to Russian officials, a secret meeting at an island resort, WikiLeaks, salacious accusations and dramatic congressional testimony.”

It’s clear as day that the liberals at the Times don’t want these questions to go away — not that they’d provide the answers. They have no interest in answering them, because they’ve already been answered: No, Trump had nothing to do with Russia, and Hillary lost because she’s a big phony liar who doesn’t deserve to be voted into the dog catcher’s office let alone the White House.

In all, the Times cries that Trump has been “sought” out by Mueller to answer these questions. They know that the questions lead to nothing that can hurt Trump, so they’ll stuck recycling the questions based on the dual news stories of “why won’t Trump read out paper?” and “If we keep bringing these things up, maybe they’ll come true.”

And yes, Mueller would benefit from the leak. It’s preposterous to think that he didn’t authorize this, or wink-nudged his staff to authorize this leak. It’s nothing for his office to create a new email address with a fake name by which to send this off to the Times. This leak makes Mueller look like he’s been shut out from the process, when in fact it makes it look like Mueller has done nothing beyond read the NYT and ask dumb questions to the air.

Trump 2020!

Sources: New York Times, Fox News

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