Dick’s Sporting Goods Is Prepared To Lose Money, They Lost Mine

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Joe The Plumber shares his thoughts on Dick’s Sporting Goods banning the sale of ‘assault-style rifles’ for the second time in 6 years.

The chain is already announcing poor sales, and their kook CEO is telling the media that it’s good that they’re losing money. Keep reading to see if you agree with the hunting, fishing Joe the Plumber.

Store Announces ‘Assault-Style Rifle’ Ban… for 2nd Time

At the end of February, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that they would end the sale of all “assault type” rifles in their stores, and would refuse to sell guns to anyone under the age of 21.

Left wing medial including the New York Times were quick to link the action to the massacre in Florida that left 17 people dead. Specifically, the Times called the move by Dick’s:

“one of the strongest stances taken by corporate America in the national gun debate.”

As well, says the Times, the move “carries symbolic weight” because they consider Dick’s to be a “prominent national gunseller.”


Already Stopped Selling AR-15s in 2012

We can’t trust a word that the CEO of Dick’s tells us about moral grandstanding over gun sales, because the store already announced in 2012 that they would stop selling certain semi-automatics after the December 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

In August 2013, Dick’s opened a Field & Stream shop in Pennsylvania and invted right wing icons including WWE’s Shawn Michaels and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty to appear at the opening. Within weeks, the location because selling AR-15s. After less than a year, the “no assault style rifles” rule went out the window.

Recently, Barack Obama claimed that there have been 18 school shootings since the beginning of the year. We investigated and found that even the left-wing journalists were unable to find even close to 18 incidents of gun violence. One left wing site, Snopes, included guns being fired near schools with no injuries and self-inflicted gunshot wounds of students committing suicide as a part of their “school shooting massacre” list but just couldn’t find enough to make Barack look right.

Happy to Lose Money

Sales have dropped 2% at established stores during the last quarter, which is twice as big of a drop than was expected by economists. Industry analysts follow the expected drops compared to the real drops because it lets them know if the stores are healthy. As well, analysts prefer to look at store that have been around for a long time, excluding newer storefronts. If a store has been making predictable sales since the 1980s, then an unexpected shift in sales should raise an alarm.

The CEO said that the new policy is “not going to be positive from a traffic standpoint and a sales standpoint” but he said they were aggressively adapt by expanding into their own apparel brand.

In response, CEO Edward Stack said that Dick’s will expand store space for private-label brands including workout apparel.

In the last few weeks, WalMart also joined the moral outrage brigade and raised the minimum age rules for firearms.

Joe The Plumber Speaks

“Moving forward, I will go out of my way to not shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Their recent decision is based on political correctness and feelings, not real facts!”

Gun Buying Habits of Americans Today

Earlier this year, Remington announced Chapter 11 bankruptcy in response to a lack of sales. The company had expected that the market would continue to panic buy guns and ammo, but once Donald Trump was elected, citizens eased up because they felt that a Trump administration would not touch the Second Amendment. Trump has been a loud support of gun rights and even has a concealed carry permit.

Remington had banked on the continuation of panic sales, and are now on a thin diet of cash that’s meant to keep employees paid while their debtors work out what to do with the firearms producers.

While American producers are having a rough time, foreign gun producers including Beretta and Glock have been making donations to the NRA because they need their American markets to continue to thrive.

CEO Edward Stack

Dick’s Sporting Goods was founded by Dick Stack in 1948 and now has over 600 locations throughout the United States, but has no locations in Hawaii, Alaska or Montana. The original Stack was given $300 by his grandmother at the age of 18 to rent a storefront and open his first store with a focus on bait and tackle in New York.

Edward Stack was born in 1955 and inherited the company, becoming CEO in 1984 after working full time with the company starting in 1977.  Stack, 63, is worth over $1.2 billion.

The store continues to serve mostly eastern markets.

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