Diamond & Silk Have a New Nick-Name for ‘The Squad’

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‘The Squad’, ‘The Four Horseman”, “The Fresh-face Caucus”, The Four Idiots Who Somehow Got Elected to Congress”  – you know them – Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and that fascinating bartender and Mensa student, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Yeah, those four. They’ve had a lot of nicknames, and now they have another, courtesy of Diamond & Silk.

The two recently spoke to The Daily Caller about the Quad Squad and what kind of mess they’ve made.

As for Trump’s “love it or leave it” philosophy:

“We’ve said it for almost three years: If you don’t like this country, then you pack…and you can go back — to your own country or to another country. This is the United States of America.”

Diamond got rough:

“I call them the Hate and the Fraud Squad. Because they spew hate, and I think they’re all fraudsters. Because here’s the deal: They are supposed to represent the American people, not illegal aliens. They are supposed to be lawmakers, not law breakers. And so, when we see the “squad” wanting to break the law, wanting to be anti-America, anti-American, we have a problem with that. Now, Nancy Pelosi should’ve set these women straight from day one. But she didn’t. She went along with their shenanigans, and now looks what’s happening.”

Silk was smooth:

“You know, when you look back at our president’s tweet, he didn’t mention no race, no color, no country. He did not mention the amount. So how is it that four congresswomen — out of all of the congresswomen there on the hill — know who the President was talking about? What they did is they exposed theirselves. … And it’s a shame for the media, the way they’re trying to spin this, as if it’s so racial, it’s such a racial thing…”

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