DHS: ‘Sanctuary State’ Policy Freeing Record Number of MS-13 Gang Members

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The Department of Homeland Security says that ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions are responsible for the release of 142 suspected gang members who walked free because federal authorities were not allowed to intervene.

More analysis was released by the Center for Immigration Studies, which bills itself as being pro-immigration in low numbers. The group produced their conclusion by looking at official government numbers that were used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and handed over to a Senate Judiciary Committee. According to the breakdown from the CIS, two-thirds of the releases happened in California.

According to the DHS, from October 2016 to June 2017, sanctuary cities and states that refused to honor federal law requiring cooperation between local and federal authorities were responsible for the number of released gang members. The numbers are difficult to nail down, says a report from the DHS:

“Because ICE often determines gang affiliation through interviews, ICE cannot speculate about the number of times it was denied access to an alien in the custody of state or local authorities who may have had such an affiliation.”

So, without access to the criminals, keeping Americans safe from enclaves and pockets of gangbangers roaming free is very difficult.

Of the 142 who were released, 89 were released to California. And of those 142, at least 13 are suspected to be members of the ultra-violent MS-13 gang.

What’s Keeping MS-13 In America?

The MS-13 gang was founded by members from El Salvador after the county was plunged into civil war in the 1980s and citizens escaped to other countries in Central America as well as America and now as far north as Canada. Now, members of the gang are being deported but still return, and other members are found to have come in on soft Obama-era policies.

Last year, one member of MS-13 was deported four times before returning to commit a violence sexual assault against a 2-year-old girl in Long Island. The girl, who is not named, required reconstructive surgery.

“The entire ordeal started when the suspect got into a heated discussion with a woman about a marijuana deal they were making. Shortly after the argument he stabbed her while they were yelling at each other in a parking lot which caused her lungs to collapse… Alvarado-Ventura went home and sexually assaulted the young girl while her mother was at work.”

Last autumn, a sweep by the newly empowered Immigration and Customs Enforcement found that one-third of the people arrested had been invited to live in the States through Barack Obama’s ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’ policy.

Sessions Makes MS-13 A Priority

According to the Department of Justice’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, focusing on MS-13 members is a “priority” and prosecutors will be able to use any legal avenue to nail these thugs.

“MS-13 members brutally rape, rob, extort and murder,” Sessions said during a speech to the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Philadelphia. “With more than 40,000 members worldwide, including 10,000 in the United States, MS-13 threatens the lives and well-being of each and every family everywhere they infest.”

Recently, Sessions announced that border security, working through several branches, were to be guided to using all powers at their disposal to keep their hands on illegals.

Previously, border patrol would ‘catch and release,’ where they would nab a suspect but then let them walk free while they waited for their hearing from the court to never return. This will end, and Trump is asking Mattis to find some empty spots where the illegals can be safety held in detention.

California’s Sanctuary State Laws

From 2014, California has been under the TRUST Act, which limits local and state-level jails from holding suspected illegals for extra time for the purposes of handing them over to federal authorities for deportation.

From late 2017, California state law has recognized the ‘Sanctuary State’ Senate Bill that legalized the “non-cooperation policies between California law enforcement agencies and federal immigration authorities.”


City Councils are Voting to Side with Federal Authorities

In the same thread as Trump asking Mattis to find more empty places for illegals, several cities in California have rebelled against California state laws which the city councils believe go against the Constitution. Most recently, the small city of Los Alamitos declared that they would not follow the California law and would use their money and resources to inform federal immigration authorities about the movements of detained illegals.

Just yesterday, San Diego announced that they would open up the topic to their own council for a vote.

Sources: Federation for American Immigration Reform, Fox News, CIS

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