DHS Labels Conservatives as “Right-Wing Sovereign Citizen Extremists” [VIDEO]

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The Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security recently named a threat that they consider to be more dangerous than the Islamic State terrorists: Right-wing extremists.

Reportedly, there is a new intelligence assessment being disseminated by the DHS that focuses on domestic terror threats from “right-wing sovereign citizen extremists,” according to CNN.

It is believed that “some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat” from these groups as “equal to-and in some cases greater than- the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more attention.”

Could it be that groups like the Islamic State receive more attention in the media because they are killing more people in the most vile and violent manner?

CNN continued its report regarding the domestic terrorist threats by stating, “The government says these are extremists who believe that they can ignore laws and that their individual rights are under attack in routine daily instances such as a traffic stop or being required to obey a court order.”

The report gives an example of one such domestic terrorist incident in which a father and son allegedly shot and killed two police officers in Louisiana during a traffic stop. The report indicates that the two purportedly belonged to the sovereign citizen movement and claimed that police had no authority over them.

Traffic stops are and have always been extremely dangerous for police officers. There is no indication in the assessment as to how this traffic stop differed from other traffic stops except for the fact that the two suspects belonged to a particular group which may or may not have contributed to the motivation for the alleged killings.

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Also, there was no mention in CNN’s DHS report about whether the December 2014 brutal attack of two NYPD officers who were shot to death as they sat in their car during lunch, was an example of right-wing extremism.

Perhaps this is because the man who murdered the two officers committed the violent act as retribution for the killing of a young African-American man by a white police officer earlier in the year and had no connection to a right-wing group. However, should he and people like him have been considered by the DHS as a treat more dangerous than ISIS?

Furthermore, the DHS assessment failed to recall the incident in October 2014 in which a man allegedly attacked four NYPD officers with a hatchet.

At the time, the officers were asked by CNN if the unprovoked attack was tied to terrorism or to “recent calls by radicals to attack military and police officers,” Police Commission Bill Bratton said then, “there is nothing we know as of this time that would indicate that were the case.”

A senior law enforcement official also told CNN that investigators did not believe that the suspect, a Muslim convert, was driven by radical Islamic views. Should this incident, which was not apparently committed by a member of a right-wing extremist group, have also been included on the DHS list?

Additionally, the DHS assessment is void of the number of individuals who were harmed or killed during the alleged 24 sovereign-citizen attacks. Were the numbers the same as, less than or greater than those harmed or killed by foreign terrorists?

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The intelligence report referenced “24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010.” However, it fails to mention, for example, how these acts compare to 9/11 in which 2,977 innocent people were killed at the hands of Al Qaeda.

It also doesn’t state if the number killed exceeds the 125 people who also lost their lives on 9/11 at the Pentagon.

Could the DHS legitimately claim that the right-wing extremists pose more of a threat than Al Qaeda based upon these numbers?

Then there are the murders at the hands of the Islamic State group that took the lives of four Americans in Benghazi? Does this make a difference to the DHS in their threat assessment?

Finally, did any of the 24 incidents involve a shooting at a military base which took the lives of 13 people and injured some 30 more while the shooter yelled “Allahu Akbar.” Did the DHS include the shooter on their right-wing extremist list even though there were obvious connections to Islam?

mary harfRecently, it was State Department Deputy spokesperson, Marie Harf who embarrassed herself by essentially calling for the Islamic State group to be given jobs as a peacemaking gesture.

DHS has now picked up the baton from Harf and is charging forward with its ridiculous claim that the threat level of right-wing sovereign citizen extremists is at least comparable to, if not worse than, radical Islamic extremists who have beheaded, burned, and tortured others.

Our biggest threat is not our own citizens. Our biggest threat comes from those that seek to harm our citizens and others around the world.

Our enemy continues to be emboldened as our government focuses on anyone else except “the elephant” in the room. Such avoidance threatens the very sovereignty of our nation.

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