DHS Deputy Ken Cuccinelli Forced To Leave Bar After Being Accosted By Unhinged Dem Martin O’Malley Over Immigration

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Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli went to the Dubliner in DC on Capitol Hill last night as is traditional the eve before Thanksgiving to have a drink and be with friends. It’s an Irish pub with lots of atmosphere and cultural ambiance. But was he allowed to have a good time like everyone else? Nope. He was forced to leave after former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley blasted him for carrying out the Trump administration’s immigration policies. The unhinged Democrat made a real scene.

Both men were attending an event with fellow graduates of Gonzaga College High School, according to the Washington Post, which first reported the encounter. “Martin O’Malley just drove Ken Cuccinelli out of the Dubliner in DC w/ a passion-laced and shame-invoking tirade on behalf of immigrant refugee children!!!” Siobhan Arnold, who’s identified as a Villanova University media relations associate and was reportedly at the bar, tweeted late Wednesday. That’s simply disgraceful and I know Cuccinelli couldn’t do it, but I would have been sorely tempted to deck O’Malley over this stunt.

From Fox News:

“Speaking to the Post, Arnold said O’Malley used Cuccinelli’s grandparents in a bid to shame him, a remark which she said Cuccinelli barely responded to.

“O’Malley was shouting,” Arnold told the Post. “I don’t think Cuccinelli was responding. I think he’s like, ‘Time to go. Just got here and I’m leaving.’ He pretty much retreated.”

“O’Malley, the former Democratic governor of Maryland from 2006 to 2014, and a 2016 presidential candidate who withdrew his White House bid after an early defeat in the Iowa caucuses, defended his actions to the Post.

“We all let him know how we felt about him putting refugee immigrant kids in cages — certainly not what we were taught by the Jesuits at Gonzaga,” O’Malley said in a text to the Post, adding that Cuccinelli is “the son of immigrant grandparents who cages children for a fascist president.”

“A DHS spokesman did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

“Cuccinelli has been known as one of the Trump administration’s most vocal immigration hardliners. He was appointed acting deputy DHS secretary earlier this month under new acting Secretary Chad Wolf, after serving as acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services director. Cuccinelli, along with acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan, had been one of the favorites among immigration hawks to lead the department.

“But Cuccinelli is not the first Trump administration official to be harassed for his work involving enforcement of President Trump’s immigration policies.

“Former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was repeatedly heckled for her role in the administration, and was forced, last year, to cut a working dinner short at a Mexican restaurant in Washington after protesters harassed her, shouting “shame!” Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was also forced to leave a Virginia restaurant during the same time period. Those incidents took place after Trump signed an executive order to stop the administration’s controversial family separation policy.

“The president has repeatedly said that the administration has no plans to reinstate that policy and has sought to place blame on former President Barack Obama instead.

“Obama separated the children, just so you understand. President Obama separated the children,” Trump said in April. “The cages that were shown, very inappropriate, they were built by President Obama and the Obama administration –not by Trump.”

“He added: “The press knows it, you know it, we all know it. I’m the one that stopped it.”

“Initial images of cages with children inside that spread on social media last year indeed were from the Obama administration. The photos, taken in 2014 by The Associated Press, were wrongly described as illustrating imprisonment under the Trump administration.

“But while family separations happened under Obama, it became more widespread during the border crisis that occurred during the early part of the Trump administration.”

Cuccinelli fired back at former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley today claiming O’Malley’s “sad” and “shocking” outburst was so vitriolic his neck veins were “bulging.” It’s a wonder he didn’t stroke out right there evidently. All for media attention I’ll bet.

While O’Malley high-tailed it to WaPo, Cuccinelli made a lengthy statement to Fox News with his side of the story:

“I arrived at The Dubliner to meet with some of my Gonzaga classmates last night, Cuccinelli said in the statement. “As I walked up to one of the bars among several in The Dubliner to order my Guinness, I heard screaming and cussing behind me to my left, which I did not immediately take notice of other than the fact that it was louder than everything else in the pub.”

“Cuccinelli continued: “When I turned to look I saw O’Malley and he was obviously screaming at me. For a moment I thought he was trying to be funny, as we’ve met before, which I thought was strange. It was immediately clear that he was cursing and screaming for real, to the point of veins bulging on his neck.”

“Cuccinelli added that O’Malley had “also inspired one or two of his (apparent) buddies to join in the cussing assault,” which the Trump official said he attempted to ignore. Cuccinelli said he proceeded to attempt to order at a different bar within The Dubliner, but that O’Malley followed him.

“[A]t which point O’Malley pushed his way through the small group to confront me face to face, still cursing me, the President, and my Italian ancestry and he got right up in my face, bumped up against me and invited me to take a swing at him,” Cuccinelli recalled, adding, “at which point I said ‘Martin, one of us has to rise above this, and it’s obviously not going to be you.’”

“Cuccinelli noted that some of O’Malley’s comments about Trump’s immigration policy were “odd” due to the fact that “they applied to President Obama’s policies, a fact he clearly did not appreciate me pointing out (without screaming it, btw).”

“Cuccinelli said, on a “positive” note, he saw a friend, who happens to be a Democrat, and, in what he said appeared to be “an attempt at de-escalation,” that friend approached the two and “forced some friendly conversation in between Martin and I.”

“Cuccinelli said he engaged in a short conversation and walked away to a separate area of the bar to see several other Gonzaga graduates and “high school buddies who happened to be there.”

“Martin’s behavior was as sad as it was shocking,” Cuccinelli said. “I learned on the other side of the pub that Martin’s screaming was so loud that people on the other side of the pub heard him. I also learned from others who have known Martin for years that while his behavior was shocking, it was not new to them.”’

No doubt O’Malley was sloshed as well, I’d bet. He ganged up with a couple of bully friends and went after Ken. Cuccinelli took the high road here and left. He’s a better person than I am and smarter too evidently.

What the heck is wrong with these people? The left is so immersed in these lies that they get violent and confrontational over them time after time after time. It’s understandable that conservatives are bracing themselves for Trump’s reelection. Many believe violence will ensue from the left. It’s been ongoing and is ratcheting up already.

Don’t pick a fight you aren’t willing to slug out and one of these days the left is going to find out that those on the right can clean their collective clocks easily. I plan to be there when they have that epiphany.

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