DHS Caught In Massive Corruption: Took $Millions In Bribes From Drug Cartels

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Before I begin – is anyone surpised that the Department of Homeland Security – DHS – was caught in a massive scandal of corruption with officials taking millions of dollars in graft from drug cartels? Okay… whew. Thought for a moment some of you weren’t paying attention.

Well, here’s the gory yet predictable details of Obama’s Admin going nuts as usual:

Evidently, The New York Times has done an expose on corruption within the Department of Homeland Security on our southern border. Over the last ten years, over 200 employees and contract workers have taken $15 million in bribes. The cartels literally made them offers they couldn’t refuse. I imagine a number of them feared for their lives as well, but that is no excuse. They were paid off so the cartels could bring drugs and human cargo over that border… they simply looked the other way.

I wonder why The New York Times suddenly decided to report on this at the very end of the Obama presidency? I’m sure they’ll use the excuse it took them that long to look into it. Bull poop. There’s a new sheriff in town and they are in a panic over covering actual news. It’s not just the cartels here either. In 2012, Joohoon David Lee, a federal Homeland Security agent in Los Angeles, was assigned to investigate the case of a Korean businessman accused of sex trafficking. Instead of carrying out a thorough inquiry, Mr. Lee solicited and received about $13,000 in bribes and other gifts from the businessman and his relatives in return for making the “immigration issue go away,” court records show. That’s just one example of the massive corruption within the DHS. It needs an enema. Hope President-elect Trump has his sleeves rolled up.

From Townhall.com:

Hundreds of DHS employees have “looked the other way” as drugs crossed the border because cartels have made them offers they can’t refuse. Other employees have sold green cards and other documents illegally. More from The New York Times:

It was not an isolated case. A review by The New York Times of thousands of court records and internal agency documents showed that over the last 10 years almost 200 employees and contract workers of the Department of Homeland Security have taken nearly $15 million in bribes while being paid to protect the nation’s borders and enforce immigration laws.

No wonder our immigration system is so broken.

In order to address the internal issues, the department has hired more investigators, offered ethics training and is administering polygraph tests to new applicants, The Times reports.

The Times report does not include the gifts, trips or money that DHS employees have stolen, the editors note.

Ethics classes and polygraphs aren’t going to cut it here. Not by a long shot. If I had my way, the whole agency would be disbanded and we’d put the National Guard on our southern border with guns and shoot to kill orders. DHS employees have looked the other way as tons of drugs and thousands of illegal aliens were smuggled into the United States, records show. They have illegally sold green cards and other immigration documents, have entered law enforcement databases and given sensitive information to drug cartels. In one case, the information was used to arrange the attempted murder of an informant. How’s that for corrupt? All under the watchful eye of Barack Obama and Jeh Johnson.

“It does absolutely no good to talk about the building of walls or tougher enforcement if you can’t secure the integrity of the immigration system, when you have fraud and corruption with your own employees,” said an internal affairs official at the Department of Homeland Security who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Too true. Trump will need to clean house from within before he can really secure the border. It comes as no surprise that the cartels would target border agents, it’s part of doing business. “So it makes sense that cartels would target and try to corrupt border interdiction agents,” said Fred Burton, chief security officer at Stratfor, a global intelligence company, and a former deputy chief of counterterrorism at the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service. “It’s very similar to the tactics and tradecraft used by foreign intelligence services during the Cold War.”

“Corrupt C.B.P. law enforcement personnel pose a national security threat,” a Department of Homeland Security report released in May concluded. The report also revealed numerous problems with efforts to root out corruption among Border Patrol and customs agents. The report said the “true levels of corruption within C.B.P. are not known.” Well, that just makes me feel all kinds of safe and secure. But the issue of bribery extends well beyond front-line agents at the border. Department of Homeland Security employees who enforce immigration and customs laws and provide citizenship benefits and aviation security have also been arrested or indicted on and convicted of charges of taking bribes. The FBI is involved in investigating all of this… another bang up job by the agency that let Hillary Clinton walk.

James Tomsheck, the former head of internal affairs at Customs and Border Protection, said many of the problems the agency is facing with corrupt agents had to do with inadequate pre-hiring screening programs. Background checks and polygraph tests have failed to weed out actual cartel members who were hired by the Border Patrol in some instances, he said. Well, if you did ‘real’ background checks, that wouldn’t be the case. Just ask anyone in gaming what a real background check entails. Trump is certainly going to have his hands full with the enemies within as well as the enemies without.dhs1

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