Despite MSM Best Efforts, Poll Shows Americans Believe Obama ‘Improperly Surveilled’ Trump

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Newsflash! The American people are not idiots. Democrats and the MSM have yet to figure that out, but the People are increasingly waking up to the fact that they are being sold a bill of goods. Americans are feeling an increased skepticism against the media these days and are drawing their own conclusions based on facts. The MSM and Democrats are no longer trusted, plain and simple.

Despite the efforts of the MSM, which  increasingly includes social media, like Facebook, Americans still overwhelmingly believe that Obama improperly surveilled the Trump Campaign. The best part of this poll and many other recent polls, is that independent voters have been siding firmly on the side of Trump. Of course, with the midterms rapidly approaching, this demographic is vitally important.


These new polls should definitely give us hope that the American people are paying attention, and that spells disaster for the Democrats.

H/T Breitbart

An IBD/TIPP poll shows that “Americans overwhelmingly believe the Obama administration ‘improperly surveilled’ Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.”

Despite the disgraced American media’s best and most cynical efforts to bury the truth, and to even stop the truth from ever seeing the light of day, this poll (and another addressed below) demonstrate that the American people are almost entirely tuning the partisan, mostly-hysterical news media out and looking to alternative media for the truth.

There is simply no other way to explain these poll results, which unambiguously prove that a majority of the public believe the exact opposite of what an unceasing, coordinated media campaign wants them to believe — which is that President Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 campaign and that the heroic FBI is being unfairly smeared by Trump’s eeeevil defenders.

Well, despite more than a year of this relentless propaganda coming from all four corners of the mainstream media’s fabricated reality, here are the results from all four corners of actual reality…

 A clear majority of 55 percent believe it is “likely” that the Obama administration “improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.” That includes 31 percent of Democrats, 87 percent of Republicans, and 55 percent of Independents.

A clear majority of 54 percent want a special counsel to investigate “whether the FBI and the Department of Justice improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.” Only 44 percent said no. The partisan breakdown shows that 74 percent of Republicans and 50 percent of Independents want a special counsel — as do a full 44 percent of Democrats.

In this particular poll, one fairly positive result for the FBI and Justice Department is that only 35 percent believe these institutions attempted to outright frame President Trump for colluding with the Russians.

just-released Rasmussen poll, however, shows that a full 50 percent of Americans “believe it’s at least somewhat likely senior federal law enforcement officials broke the law in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency.” Only 40 percent disagree.

Another Rasmussen poll from this week shows that only 42 percent of Americans believe Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election more than the FBI. Moreover, a full 34 percent believe the FBI meddled more than the Russians, while 24 percent are unsure.

In other words, we now live in a country where 58 percent of Americans either believe our own FBI meddled in a presidential election more than a hostile foreign government, or are not sure the FBI did not.

Meanwhile, Trump’s approval rating is running ahead of former-President Obama’s at this point in his failed presidency.

Recent polls, including these, should have Democrats worried about their future. The midterms are coming fast and the DNC is apparently broke and seem to be rapidly losing support among voters. Between President Trump’s incredibly successful State of the Union Address and the Democrats failure to win the shutdown showdown, the future of the Democrats seems grim. Their desperation will only lead them to become more extreme in their rhetoric and that will only help the GOP.

We can only hope that people will be held responsible in the FBI and Obama administration. I am reluctant to get my hopes up, though if I were them I would certainly be worried!

If the current trend continues, I think we can safely assume we have a good 7 more years on the Trump train! The American people sure are getting used to winning! #MAGA

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