Despite Ban on Guns, London Murder Rate Now Higher Than NYC: How Can That Be?

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For the first time in modern history, London has seen enough murders to finally surpass New York City’s homicide rate.

The capital of England has a comparable population with the Big Apple and both cities have already experienced several homicides so far this year. Last year, there were a total of 130 murders in London where New York City had more than twice that number, with a count of 290 murders.



New York’s Murder History

Last year, NYC saw an historic low murder rate which has seen a steady decline since 1990. Commissioner James O’Neill said that they haven’t had a murder rate like that in 70 years, saying that it’s “safe to say right now that New York hasn’t been like this since the 1950s.” In 2016, there had been 335 murders in the city.

The peak year for murders in NYC was in 1990 with a record 2,245 homicides. This high number includes the deaths of 87 people who were killed in a fire set by an arsonist at the Happy Land Social Club in the Bronx.

Speaking with media at the end of December, police said that shootings were down as well. In the closing days of 2017, they investigated 784 shootings, which is more than 200 less than in 2016 which saw 988 shootings.

Firearms in the UK

Starting in 1997, the United Kingdom banned handguns, a class of weapons which is responsible for the majority of shooting homicides in America. While citizens are able to buy some hunting long guns, they must give the police a “good reason” in order to do so.

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Famously, even the police don’t carry guns.

During the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, competitive marksmen had to work through piles of paperwork in order to bring their firearms to the city.

So, without access to guns, the good people of London simply stab each other to death.

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Murder Rate Breakdown

So far in 2018, 46 people in London have been killed compared to 50 in New York City.

But, looking at the monthly rate, the NYPD investigated 11 murders in February compared to London investigating 15 murders in February. In March, London saw 22 murders while New Yorkers saw 21 murders.

That is, the monthly murder rate in London is on an upward bend compared to NYC.

Mayor Sadiq Khan

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, 47, was born in Britain and is the first Muslim mayor in the city’s centuries-long history. Khan believes his city to be a “beacon of tolerance” and so he has set out to ban Donald Trump from visiting.

In 2016, Khan said that dying from terrorism is “part and parcel” of living in a big city.

The City of London

London’s history dates back to a legendary founding 3,000 years ago, and recent archaeological finds show that people have inhabited the area thousands of years before that. The city of London was founded as Londinium by the Romans a few years after the death of Christ and it soon became an important city, with the first defensive wall being built some time after 180 AD. Roman occupation ended after 410 AD. The city changed hands, and today some of its most famous structures were originally founded after the Norman invasion. Construction on both the Palace of Westminster and the Tower of London started before 1100 and the first attempt at the London Bridge was finished in 1206.

Roman London had an all-time high population of 60,000 comprising people from all over the Roman Empire, and modern London’s population is estimated to be over 8.6 million people.

New York City

Before European settlers came to the area, the area now known as New York City was inhabited by Algonquin people. The area was first documented in 1524 and was called New Netherland in 1614. Permanent residences were established by Europeans in 1624 and was passed from the Dutch to the English in 1674.

Right now, New York City has an estimated population of over 8.6 million people.

Cities By Murder Rate

Using 2017 numbers, the cities with the highest homicide rates are Los Cabos, Mexico, Caracas, Venezuela, and Acapulco, Mexico. All three cities have more than 106 homicides per 100,000 people living there.

In the United States, the city with the highest murder rate is St. Louis with 65,83 homicides per 100,000 people followed by Baltimore with 55.48 murders per 100,000 people.

Of the fifty cities with the highest murder rates in the world:

  • 17 cities are in Brazil
  • 12 cities are in Mexico
  • 5 cities are in the USA / Puerto Rico
  • 5 cities are in Venezuela

Sources: The Daily Mail, NY Daily News, Wikipedia

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