Omar OUT? Democrats Tell Ilhan Omar to NOT Seek Re-election and Stay Quiet

Democratic lawmakers are trying to persuade her to stay under the radar until her term ends and not seek reelection.

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On the heels of the husband of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar declaring he wants a divorce after it was discovered that she had an extramarital affair with a with a married Democratic strategist, the Democrats seem to have decided on a divorce as well. A ‘very reliable’ Capitol Hill source has told NOQ Report that a number of Democrat lawmakers have told Omar to ‘stay under the radar’ and to NOT seek reelection in 2020. This scandal seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The congresswoman’s husband, Ahmed Hirsi is expected to file for divorce after the revelation in a court filing that she had an extramarital affair with DC political consultant Tim Mynett.

Omar and her husband actually separated in March, and Omar asked Hirsi to divorce her at that time. He refused, but the New York Post is reporting that he has now changed his mind due to the recent revelations.

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Beth Mynett claimed in her recent divorce proceeding that her husband had admitted that he had an affair with Omar. According to the divorce papers, Mynett expressed his love for the congresswoman and then left his wife. “The parties physically separated on or about April 7, 2019, when Defendant told Plaintiff that he was romantically involved with and in love with another woman, Ilhan Omar,” court papers read.

NOQ Report details:

Reports yesterday that her husband wants a divorce following news that she’s been having an affair with a married Democratic strategist have brought radio silence from Democrats regarding their troubled freshman Congresswoman. But a source on Capitol Hill says some Democratic lawmakers are trying to persuade her to stay under the radar until her term ends and not seek reelection.

(Editor’s Note: Single anonymous sources are not normally accepted, but this particular source is credible and the information makes sense.)

It would seem her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, isn’t the only one who wants a divorce from Omar. Some Democrats seem to have the same goal – divorcing her from Democratic leadership.

It’s unlikely Omar would step down or succumb to pressure from leaders in her party. She has remained resolute in dodging every question regarding the various controversial topics that surround her at any given moment.

Omar has been a thorn in the side of the Democrat party since the day she took office.

Her blatant antisemitism as well as a number of other items has added to the civil war, already a serious issue, within the Democrat ranks.

Omar is also facing serious allegations that she may have committed marriage fraud, according to the Minnesota Star-Tribune, her hometown paper. The allegations suggest that she married a male relative, possibly her brother. Omar and her current husband, Ahmed Hirsi, filed joint tax returns while Omar was married to another man, Ahmed Elmi.

Omar and her family have made it difficult for journalists to find out the truth about her marriage, Minnesota Star-Tribune editor Kevin Diaz told PolitiFact.

“Our public records searches determined that in at least one period after she married Elmi, all three (Omar, Elmi and Hirsi) used the same address in Minnesota. It raises questions about the nature of the relationship if she is living with both the person she’s married to and her eventual husband,”

As well, connected to the Mynett affair, Federal Election Commission reports show Omar’s campaign gave $223,000 to E. Street Group, LLC, which is Mynett’s company. A new complaint has been filed with the FEC that Omar misused campaign funds for the affair.

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