Democrats Want Making Jokes Illegal

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Democrats are fascists who hate the First Amendment – along with nine others – and won’t rest until they are regulating every facet of your life.

The latest example is a flap about a speech that Gov. Mike Huckabee made last year when he announced his candidacy for President.  At the end of the speech he made a joke about people giving a million dollars to his campaign.  Here it is:

Democrats filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission saying that Gov. Huckabee was urging people to give more than the legal limit to his campaign.  They said he was pimping for a political action committee but he just didn’t say it outright.

Governor Huckabee told the committee what is readily apparent to anyone with a single digit IQ, he was joking.  Even the staffers on the Democratic side of the FEC got the joke.

“We conclude that an objective listener would not reasonably have understood that Huckabee in fact solicited million-dollar contributions. Rather, he appeared, to be making a humorous aside in the course of his speech.”

That is the staff conclusion.

Two Democrats on the FEC don’t have a sense of humor.  Two Democrats voted to back the complaint.  All three committee Republicans and one Democrat voted to dismiss it.

This isn’t the first time Democrats have tried to regulate free speech and it won’t be the last.

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