Democrats Give $27,000,000 for Illegals … Refuse To Fund Kids of Dead or Wounded Vets Scholarship Any Further

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You would think that everyone can agree that we should put veterans’ needs and the needs of their kids above the needs of non-citizens, right? WRONG

The New York Post is reporting:

Democrats set aside $27 million in tuition assistance for the children of undocumented immigrants in the new state budget — but wouldn’t add hundreds of thousands of dollars to expand a similar program for kids of deceased and disabled veterans.

A bill that has twice passed the state Senate — but never made it through the Assembly — would have added funding to a program that provides free tuition, room and board at any SUNY or CUNY college to children, spouses and financial dependents of “fallen soldiers” who died, became severely disabled or were classified as missing in action while serving in the military after 1990.

Such a program already exists and serves 145 students at a cost of $2.7 million — but only for relatives and dependents of vets who served in combat zones.

The Assembly Higher Education Committee voted 15-11 against allocating more funds to the program as part of the state budget.

Assemblywoman Deborah Glick (D-Manhattan), who chairs the committee, said budget constraints weighed against the program expansion, which she estimated would have cost several hundred thousand dollars.

Yes, you read that right.  Illegals are getting 1,000% more money allocated to send their kids to the schools than funds that veterans’ children are being allotted.  AYFKM? I wish I was kidding you.

At least some Republican lawmakers called out the Democrats leading the charge:

“Assemblywoman Glick should be ashamed of herself,” said Ortt. “We set aside $27 million dollars for college for people that are here illegally… Apparently $2.7 million is all that the families of soldiers who are killed, get. If you’re a child of a fallen solider, you do not rank as high and you know that by the money.” the Post went on to report.

Ocasio-Cortez Goes Ballistic When Poll Shows Her Unfavorable Ratings Have Skyrocketed


This is scary stuff, yet it’s right in front of your face – and a big decision must be made.

If you have ever shared a Facebook post so not just your like-minded friends, but your misguided contacts who might be leaning toward Socialist policies could see the clear difference – this is the one.

Let’s take a look at just one of the Democrats running in 2020 – someone considered a front-runner, mainly because of identity politics: She’s a black female and that means more to the Democrat Party than anything a candidate has to say.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), is now throwing her support behind making sex work legal. Yes, she wants your daughter to be able to decide whether to get a job working her way through college at Starbucks, or allowing strangers to crawl naked on her body and do whatever they pay for to her genitalia or worse. This is sick stuff – but this is your modern-day Democrat Party.

As a former prosecutor, Harris took the stance that both prostitutes and their johns should be arrested and prosecuted. Of course, that way waaaaay back in 2009.

Harris is now saying that she is in favor of decriminalizing sex work but with a few qualifiers that would prevent anyone from hurting another human being or profiting off of their exploitation. As if sex for money doesn’t hurt anyone? No, I’m sure it’s no difference to your daughter’s health than making a Latte for a morning commuter.

Kamala Harris has some expertise though, and perhaps I should defer. She had a sexual arrangement with a powerful political man 30 years older than her, who helped her every step of the way to get to this position. Willie Brown, who now not only acknowledges his “affair” with a very young Kamala (despite her denials), but admits he unfairly boosted her career along the way.

So maybe Harris is right. Have sex with men – it’s a career, after all. Why be stuck in a boring 9-5 job when having an old man slobber and grope you can be so much more rewarding? Is this the woman you’re going to vote for? There’s more.

She’s also nasty.

She’s also dangerous.

Kamala recently dodged a reporter’s questions on whether a felon should be allowed to remain in the U.S. Senate. Of course the journalist was alluding to the fact that Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has been charged with accepting bribes.

She’s also a bigot.

She’s a liar. Click below.

Was Senator Kamala Harris Smoking Marijuana As a DA Prosecuting Pot Users?

She’s a fascist.

When confronted with irrefutable evidence that Planned Parenthood was profiting by selling the human organs of aborted babies, and modifying the abortion procedure without the consent of the mother in order to improve profits, Harris conducted a raid on the apartment of David Daleiden, the brave investigative journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s profiting from the modern equivalent of lampshades made from human skin.

Apparently women’s health being placed second to PP profits does not bother Harris any more than the idea that money is being made selling the body parts of unborn children does.

Vote carefully. And share that video.

Planned Parenthood Gala Celebrates Clinton Friend, Some Tranny

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