Democrats are Using Dreamers as Leverage

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Nancy Pelosi’s Botoxed face kept her from crying crocodile tears for the alleged victims of Donald Trump. “It was dangerous” what Trump had told the country on how to handle illegal aliens.

Speaking on the approximately 700,000 illegal aliens in America, Trump has been laying out the need to resolve the legal fates of the aliens in recent weeks, starting with the State of the Union address. One of Trump’s criticisms on the illegal alien crisis is that the Democrats are only raising their voice in protest because they see the possible deportation of these people as a “campaign issue.”

Since deporting the illegals and building the wall was the chief campaign issue pushed by Trump himself, it’s not far off to suggest that Democrats in turn are presenting the exact opposite approach. Trump wants a wall, and the Democrats want “open borders.” Trump wants to deport illegals, especially the ones who are committing violent crimes, and the Democrats want to give them hugs and citizenship.

Trump has been President for well over a year, and the left still hasn’t figured out that that’s his trick on making them look ridiculous. He’ll make a wild announcement, and the Democrats take the polar opposite. Then, Trump will walk back, but the Democrats are still out there in far-left la la land.

In recent months, it’s been Trump versus the Republicans versus the Democrats over how to resolve the issue, since immigration reform needs support from both sides of the aisle to go through. Trump recently tweeted his frustrations, placing the blame on the Democrats:

The recent government shutdowns were both over the immigration issue. Nobody seemed to notice the shutdowns, because unlike under Obama’s regime, war veterans weren’t kicked out of memorials by armed men and families weren’t barred from visiting parks. The interruption in service for the regular person was more along the lines of the McFlurry machine being broken at McDonalds. Unless you asked, you never would’ve known something was wrong.

Last week Pelosi, 77, made headlines for giving the longest address in the House in its 108 year history. Or is she 108 and made the longest address in 77 years? Hard to tell. Anyway, her eight hour marathon session was all about the protection of “young” illegals from the terror of deportation.

Since the worst country of origin for visitors overstaying their legal travel visa is Canada, you’d think Pelosi would be spending her time talking about how those filthy Canucks must be sent back to the land of poutine and hockey fights. Instead she read off long lines from interviews with the “Dreamers” largely from third world countries and Mexico.

The Dreamers were granted their cutesy name under the DACA system (Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals) that sought to protect the underaged people brought into America by their parents.

Next time you smuggle an illegal exotic animal home in your luggage, tell the customs officer that they should let the poor thing go because it’s not the one at fault.

Pelosi was on the receiving end of shots from liberal groups and even from people within her own party, including noted crackpot Rep. Luis Guiterrez, who regularly volunteers to get himself arrested in front of ICE offices whenever he’s feeling like he needs some attention from the press. “If I said something on the floor for eight hours and then didn’t do something about it, well, the speech is nice.”

Rep. Guiterrez from Illinois has the usual ring of crackpot beliefs, but his personal stance is that the fate of illegals living in America far outweigh other liberal fruitcake recipes for disaster like global warming. Last time Luis tried to stand in one place for eight hours, he was arrested for blocking traffic outside of the White House.

Fellow California Democrat Rep. Lou Correa spoke on behalf of the Congressional Hispanic Congress saying that whichever party gets the job done doesn’t matter because all this politicking is “secondary to helping these young people.” Contrary to his words, though, we all know that these Dreamers aren’t terrified eight year olds clutching their teddies. They’re in their 20s and 30s, and some of them are making new friends in the MS-13 gang.

Courtesy of Fox News, here’s a five minute clip of Pelosi trying to drum up sympathy with commentary added by the station:

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