Democrats Finally Agree FBI is Corrupt: Not For Letting Hillary Walk, But For This Craziness…

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Trump’s Inauguration can’t come soon enough. All of this BS from the Democrats on Russia “hacking the elections” is just nonsense. Democrats need to get over the fact that Americans are fed up with all the lies from Obama’s administration and Hillary Clinton.

One of the Democrats who continues to spread nonsense is Senator Harry Reid. Sen. Reid has served in the Senate for almost 30 years and thank God will soon be let “out to pasture” when he retires in January 2017. All this blame on Russian hacking and Comey is just gibberish.


H/T Newsmax:

FBI Director James Comey should step down for refusing to divulge information that Russia was allegedly interfering with the presidential election, outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Saturday.

“We have all read the press the last few days; the FBI had this material for a long time,” the Nevada Democrat, who is retiring by the end of the year, told MSNBC‘s “AM Joy” on Saturday. “But he, Comey, who’s a Republican, refused to divulge this information about Russia interfering with the presidential election.”

Reid in October tried to warn the country about the CIA having information about Russia’s alleged activities, and wrote a letter to that effect to Comey.

However, at that time, Reid said Saturday, he did not believe Comey was “the new Edgar Hoover,” and had faith he would “do the right thing for the country.”

“But he would not let well enough alone,” said Reid of Comey. “He couldn’t do enough to help and everyone knows that WikiLeaks, everyone should know, WikiLeaks was involved from the very beginning. They leaked the information as if they were one of the great political operatives of America, when in fact it was run by the operatives in Russia.”

Russia, meanwhile, “has a pretty good way of cheating,” said Reid. “Look what they did with athletes. This is just the needle under the tent. The point is, this is just the beginning.”

It really is amazing isn’t it!? All the corruption that the slimy Democrats like Senator Reid, Hillary Clinton and Obama have gotten away with, yet they suddenly want to point the blame at Russia and FBI Director Comey. FBI Director Comey is NOT to blame and neither is Russia. Senator Reid and the disgusting Democrats know it. 

Sen. Reid, if you want to blame ANYONE blame yourselves! Blame Obama and blame Hillary, or blame Attorney General Loretta Lynch, but don’t point the finger at FBI Director Comey. The BS goes much higher, wider and deeper. 

One of the thing’s I am most looking forward to in the new year is NOT having Harry Reid in the US Senate any more!!! 


….and P.S. No one believes that you got those bruises from “falling on your treadmill” or whatever stupid excuse you made up! 


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