Democrats Change Rules on Limits of Sexual Behavior For Politicians

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In 2012, sex-pest-in-chief Bill Clinton hobbled on stage to the Democratic National Convention to a stadium full of cheers.

The party of “Rapin'” Bill Clinton and “Chappaquiddick” Ted Kennedy are working on their best fake outrage as they pretend that serious allegations of marital infidelity demand national attention. All the while, the good people of the Republican Party are demanding answers as a part of our long history of demanding to know whether someone is a cheating, philandering, immoral pig.

Quick Rundown on New Stormy Daniels

The last few weeks have featured blonde Stormy Daniels, 38, exploring new ways to show off her fake breasts while dancing around some pretty distressing allegations that the President found some extra time in his schedule to consult with this woman right after Melania had given birth to their son Barron.

But now we’re finding out that the Trump legal team has won a restraining order against Daniels. The woman, whose Christian name is Stephanie Clifford, is reportedly attempting to use the courts so that she can tell a story on the affair she alleges to have conducted with Trump.

White House Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told journalists that the order was “in the President’s favor.”

On Tuesday of this week, Daniels claims that the $130,000 settlement she reached with Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to keep her from spilling on the alleged 2006 affair was no longer valid due to a missing signature.

Now, settlements do not imply a decision one way or the other — settlements are a great way to keep both sides from draining money.

In the suit, we can see that the hush-hush agreement was signed on October 28, 2016. The suit will progress day after day and there’s no reason to dismiss the allegation one way or the other without the evidence — but we can still fire up the furnace over why the Democrats are so worked up over the fidelity issue when they’ve openly praised sexual assaulters in the past.

Ted Kennedy & The Death of Mary Jo Kopechne

On July 18th, 1969, Teddy Kennedy accidentally waited several hours before seeking assistance when a 28-year-old campaign worker drowned in Kennedy’s car off Chappaquiddick Island.

Kennedy “accidentally” drove his car off the bridge, freed himself and swam for the land. Ten hours later he decided he should probably ring up the local coppers and let them know that he left a woman in the front seat. He only received a two month suspended sentence. His wife was pregnant at the time.

Kennedy later gifted the Obamas with Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog who was bred to retrieve dead things from lakes. His 2009 funeral was attended by Obama, Clinton, George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter along with oodles of senators and for some reason Lauren Bacall.

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“Rapin'” Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton had a sexual relationship with a young female intern while he was the most powerful man on earth.

The reason we’re especially disgusted when a male teacher engages in a sexual act with a young female student is not just the age difference, but the sheer amount of power that a teacher holds over their class.

It is outrageous that it’s known as “The Monica Lewinsky Scandal” when Monica, 22 at the time, was sexually assaulted by Clinton. The two had several sexual encounters between November 1995 and March 1997. Monica finally told civil servant Linda Tripp who coached Monica into keeping the gifts and the famously stained blue dress that would contribute to the eventual impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Famously, the incident was first broken by the conservative Drudge Report and the left wing media was forced to confront the allegations. Now, thanks to an open internet, it’s possible to hear from other victims of Clinton, including Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick.

Several of Clinton’s accusers were invited by Trump to attend a one-on-one debate with Hillary.

Even when confronted with these women, whose stories have not changed in the decades they’ve been telling them, the left refuses to let it interfere with their love of the Clinton clan.

I’m disgusted by Hillary for “standing by her man.” When your Presidential husband coerces an intern into oral sex, you have to dump him faster than dropping a missile strike on a Tylenol factory in Sudan. You think women who date men just to be treated to a nice dinner is slutty behavior? How about Hillary sticking by Clinton just so she can get a chance to lose an election?

Refugees Welcome

Now, where have I seen this before, where virtue-signalling lefties cheer for the top scorers in the raping game?


Bible’s Pretty Clear On This One

Look, there’s a lot of times when Christians and non-Christians will butt heads over the interpretation of the teachings of Christ.

‘Course, it’s also big on “Only God may judge” and forgiveness, but we’re still allowed a bit of earthly justice. I support Trump because I compare him to the other candidates. Since there were no rainbow-farting unicorns running for the Repubs there’s no sense in comparing Trump to a perfect human. (And the one time we had a perfect man on earth, we killed him.) The truth will out, and we must be prepared to unleash wrath on the President if the allegations turn out to be accurate.

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Mike Pence Rule Now

I’m nowhere near in the same position as Trump, and I work in consulting and writing so I’m only ever in an office if you told me there’s donuts available. I only meet male colleagues and bosses in public areas or in private homes if there’s a group.

Pence has the right idea — borrowed from the Late Great Billy Graham. Pence was roasted by uninhabitable feminists for agreeing that he doesn’t have dinner with any woman other than his wife. After being hammered by the press, he happily went home to his happy wife and happy family. His wife will never have to worry for a moment that he’s looking for once-overs in the typing pool.

People in glass houses rarely get caught raping interns.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Luke 8:17


Sources: USA Today

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