Democrats are now Desperate

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I have learned in my senior years that I am a very logical person. With that in mind, this is what I believe to be true:
President Trump very recently signed a tax law that already is benefiting American workers via pay raises, bonuses and higher paychecks due to lower taxes. Corporations are sharing their tax cuts with workers and making plans to open new facilities and hire more people. This is a very dangerous situation for The Deep State and The Resistance.
House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes told Republican colleagues in two closed-door meetings this week he has seen evidence that shows clear “abuse” of government surveillance programs by FBI and Justice Department officials.
President Trump just held a televised meeting on immigration. It put a lie to the Wolff book on him, showing him to be logical, in charge, non-repetitive, conducting negotiations, and acting Presidential. Oh, no! Something HAD to be done to change the narrative by media, to sweep under the rug all these good things, and bad. Democrats are now desperate.
Our President no doubt used tough language in a private setting to describe why we need to have merit based immigration instead of letting just any and all who are impoverished or in danger in the world to come streaming into America so that we taxpayers can pay for their upkeep, food, education, health care, and more.
Cue the race baiters! Don’t wait to corroborate the language supposedly used by our President! Even Fox News’ The Five assumed the worst to be true. Our President has said he did not use those words. It is interesting to know that Senator Tom Cotton was at the meeting and said he never heard those words spoken. I have more faith in him than I do in Dick Durban to be speaking the truth.
Now all of main stream media, as well as folks such as Al Sharpton, are shouting about Trump being a racist. What a great way to not only condemn President Trump, but to stop talking about all of his successes!
Even if Donald Trump said those exact words, the Democrats would have a problem saying it is not true, since our government has warned of the dangers of actually traveling to these not-so-wonderful countries. President Trump was accused of saying the citizens of those countries were the problem, when what he said was that they are s***hole countries. And he never said get rid of THEM. He clearly was referencing getting rid of that enabling language from the DACA bill.
We many have to kiss the DACA deal good-bye, for this will be used to demand a deal with NO wall, no end to the visa lottery or chain migration. As an aside, a Democrat just recently called the term chain migration racist because of the name reminding him of the chains on slaves who were brought here by African kings to be sold into slavery. No doubt the Democrats will be screaming that it is the Republicans who will be responsible for shutting down our government in a week or so, due to Trump’s racism.
Let’s revisit the truth that DACA is on the table now not because President Trump eliminated it, for he only threw the legality of it to Congress where it belonged in the first place. It was only an Executive Order written by President Barack Obama. Obama had 25 times told his audiences that he did not have the legal authority to write the new law, and then he wrote the new law when Congress was unable and unwilling to pass that law.
An Executive Order is intended to be a tweak of an existing law, not the writing of an entire new one. Obama called it “prosecutorial discretion”. Since President Obama was not a Prosecuting Attorney, how could he possibly use prosecutiorial discretion, which in any case is supposed to be determined on a case-by-case basis? What President Trump did was to give Congress 6 months to actually pass a law on DACA to make it legal, or to once again vote against passing that law. President Trump is attempting to return to legal law making, using the two branches of government. No President has ever had the authority to sit down and write whatever laws he wants on the books. Obama, as stated by The Week magazine in 2012 gambled that any future successors would not want to face the political headache of reversing his Executive Order. “”>
The Center For American Progress Action Fund distributed a memo saying illegal immigrants brought into the United States at a young age are a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success, as per Fox News.
We can all agree that we would want President Trump to stop stepping on his own good works with actions and statements and tweets which can be taken the wrong way and used to spread the agenda of Trump haters. The Resisters do not intend to rest until they create this duly elected President’s impeachment, resignation, or his weakening of power.

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