Democrats Begin Admitting Impeachment Has Become A Democrat Catastrophe

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Without a doubt, the impeachment hearings are not going well for Democrats, and it is looking more likely each day that they will end a bigger fail than the Russian conspiracy. The key witnesses have all fallen way short, Adam Schiff’s credibility has taken a huge hit, and the whole thing looks more each day like a badly conceived Hollywood movie script.

A Washington Times review of Mr. Schiff’s comments on Russia and impeachment found multiple embellishments, half-truths and factual misstatements on his behalf. Witnesses have admitted that they really were not witnesses. The so-called whistleblower was discovered to be a person with no first hand experiences and no reason to be afraid of his bosses firing him.

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It is one thing when Republicans say that the whole impeachment is falling apart. Now, Democrats, both in public and behind closed doors are also beginning to admit impeachment is a big rabbit hole that Pelosi has sucked them into, is a catastrophe.

Even Newsweek reported:

New Jersey Democrat Jeff Van Drew appeared on Fox Nation Monday with host Maria Bartiromo and ridiculed the impeachment process against President Donald Trump as something that is “fracturing the nation.” Last month, Van Drew and Minnesota’s Collin Peterson were the only two Democrats to break rank with House party members and vote against the resolution that set the rules for the impeachment inquiry.

Van Drew claimed many Democrats in moderate districts are quietly having second thoughts about pushing the impeachment process. He also said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has so far presented only “hearsay” and that some Democrats and Americans have grown “bored” with the investigation.

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My own sources, on both sides, are verifying that even among the Democrat leadership, there is much uneasiness within ranks. This is not where they expected to be when they agreed to these proceedings. Many Democrats in congressional districts polling well for Trump are terrified of the outcome. The rumblings are getting louder and louder.

A loss by Democrats on impeachment is a huge gain for Trump 2020.

I expect this to grow as we go forward. Each day, it seems the Republicans best the Democrats with each witness.

Just today, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman raised significant questions as to what his authority is within the White House National Security Council when he delivered a direct message to the Ukrainian president in April and whether he undermined the White House when he spoke to the foreign leader.

As well, Elise Stefanik got the Democrats star witnesses, including Vindman, to admit corruption was a key issue in Ukraine. She got them to admit in 2014 the Obama administration looked into corruption at Burisma, just as Trump did in 2019.

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Congressman Jim Jordan also had this excellent exchange during the impeachment hearing:

JORDAN: Why didn’t you go directly to your superior with your concerns?

VINDMAN: It was a really busy week. Also the lawyer told me not to talk to anyone else.

JORDAN: And yet you talked to your brother, to George Kent, and a CIA person you won’t name.

But the big catastrophe was when Shiff accidentally admitted he DOES know who the whistleblower was and that Vindman had had discussions with him:

Nunes: “Lt. Col. Vindman, did you discuss the July 25th phone call with anyone outside the White House on July 25th or the 26th? And, if so, with whom?

Lt. Col. Vindman: “Yes, I did. My core function is to coordinate U.S. government policy, interagency policy and I spoke to two individuals with regards to providing some sort of readout of the call.”

Nunes: “Two individuals that were not in the White House?

Lt. Col. Vindman: “Not in the White House, cleared U.S. government officials with appropriate need to know.”

Nunes: “And what agencies were these officials with?”

Lt. Col. Vindman: “Department of State, Department of State Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent, who’s responsible for the portfolio Eastern Europe including Ukraine, and an individual from the office of…in the intelligence community.”

Nunes: “As you know the intelligence community has 17 different agencies, what agency was this individual from?

Then, impeachment Chairman Schiff interjects the exchange between Nunes and Vindman.

Schiff: “If I could interject here. We don’t want to use these proceedings…”

Nunes: “It’s our time, M”

Schiff: “I know, but we need to protect the whistleblower

The room then erupted in uproar.

Even the liberal LA Times reported: “It’s a lost day for Democrats.”

Keep the popcorn coming!

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