Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Calls ICE Agents Rapists And A ‘Dangerous Agency’

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Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) woke up in a feisty mood today and took aim at ICE. She went on a Twitter tirade against them, labeling the agency as “dangerous.” In the past, she has vowed to defund the agency and have it abolished. Her latest Twitter scree comes after a party vote this week supporting a GOP amendment requiring “undocumented immigrants who try to buy guns be reported to ICE,” according to reports.

“I was upset that 26 Dems forced the other 200+ to vote for a pro-ICE provision at the last min without warning. Because I think an agency that pins children down + forcibly injects them w/ antipsychotic drugs shouldn’t be given more power,” AOC’s first tweet blurted. “What I DID say was that I had to go back to my district & share the MTR vote to explain why a pro-ICE amendment was slipped into a gun safety law.”

Ocasio-Cortez was just getting warmed up. The socialist star of the Democratic Party then tweeted: “If you’re mad that I think people SHOULD KNOW when Dems vote to expand ICE powers, then be mad.

“ICE is a dangerous agency with 0 accountability, widespread reporting of rape, abuse of power, + children dying in DHS custody. Having a D next to your name doesn’t make that right.”

I don’t remember ever hearing about ICE agents raping women and as for children dying in DHS custody, there were two. Both had the flu and their deaths are attributable to lack of care by their parents and a dangerous journey that eventually took their lives. Immigrant children are treated very humanely by DHS and ICE.

Ocasio-Cortez was not done lashing out. She then went after colleagues in her own party. She said: “Mind you, the same small splinter group of Dems that tried to deny Pelosi the speakership, fund the wall during the shutdown when the public didn’t want it, & are now voting in surprise ICE amendments to gun safety legislation are being called the “moderate wing” of the party.” They are actually ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats.

These vitriolic comments came after she made a speech against immigration laws and promised to abolish ICE. “[ICE] do not deserve a dime until they can prove that they are honoring human rights; until they can make a good faith effort to expand and embrace immigrants … Until they can prove good faith to an American ideal, they do not deserve any resources for their radical agenda,” Ocasio-Cortez said. The only radical I see here is Ocasio-Cortez. She’s the danger here, not ICE.

And here come the modern-day racist, anti-Semitic Bobbsey twins: Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib who both backed Ocasio-Cortez’s accusations in her call. Just to be crystal clear here, the New York Democratic Socialist accused ICE of injecting children with unknown substances and rape.

Ocasio-Cortez now claims she didn’t threaten to primary 26 Democrats who voted with Republicans against a gun registration bill. That also ticked Nancy Pelosi off. Ocasio-Cortez also denies she said that the Dems who voted with the GOP were going on an enemies list and then turns around and admits she is, in essence, doing just that.

Not only is this woman fracturing her own party… she’s also making enemies inside and outside of it. At some point, it will be the socialists against Americans and it will be time to choose. I choose ICE, the rule of law and the Constitution.

Sources: Fox News, Gateway Pundit

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