Democratic Senator Said THIS About Supreme Court Nominee! He’ll Be Confirmed For Sure Now!

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President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee received massive backlash. Republicans refused to vote on the nomination. But now President Trump has nominated Federal judge Neil Gorsuch. The choice was surprisingly non-controversial. Even Democrats have been relatively mum on the subject. One Democratic Senator shocked everyone by what she said about it!

Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York commented that she feels pretty sure Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed in the end. She gave a lengthy interview to New York’s NY1. She asked her colleagues to vote their conscience. She said,

“Ultimately, yeah, I believe he will be. I hope we do vote him down. But make no mistake: If we do hold the line with 60 votes, [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell will change the rules the next day. I do not have any hope that he won’t change the rules the minute he doesn’t get his way. So it likely will be 51 votes, regardless, at any given time that a nominee is blocked.”

There are two ways that it can go. Gillibrand insisted that either Gorsuch will get the 60 votes he needs to end any type of filibuster levied by Democrats or Senator McConnell will go the nuclear route by decreasing the threshold to a majority of nominees.

The Democratic Senator is opposed to Gorsuch because she labeled him an ultra-right wing conservative. However, the President has encouraged Senator McConnell to take the nuclear option if necessary in order to ensure his nominee is appointed. But in the past he has been hesitant to do so. He had previously told Politico that deciding to use the nuclear option was not a presidential decision. Indicating he likely is unwilling to do the President’s bidding.

What liberals and Democrats fail to acknowledge is that this is not at all out of the norm. Back in 2013 the then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used the same nuclear option to alter the rules that would allow a majority to approve President Obama’s Executive Branch appointees. This is not simply a Republican move, but one used by various parties when they are in power.

However, admitting that would not suit the liberal narrative that Republicans and the White House are trying to establish some type of dictatorial rule where they can do whatever they want with no checks and balances.

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