Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu Okays Lying About Gun Facts

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Rep. Ted Lieu, Democrat from California is so brazen on gun control these days that he bluntly admits to lying and doesn’t care. He’ll pretty much say anything he wants about guns, thank you very much.

Truth is totally optional to this lying asshat.

Now that gun control is the screech of the day, Lieu has been very quick to insert himself right into the middle of the conflict. This follows in the wake of the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week. Lieu came right out and admitted to using incorrect terminology for firearms. Words matter and he knows it.


Lieu was challenged on his use of the term “assault rifle” instead of AR-15 and he responded on Twitter. “How quaint that some folks are more concerned about kids speaking respectfully than the fact that 17 kids were slaughtered with an assault rifle,” he said in a tweet. Really? How convenient to snipe at guns when the real ones to blame here are the progressives, the FBI, the police, social services, the school, doctors and the parents… all of which ignored signs over six or more years that this kid was a ticking time bomb. Authorities were called to his home 39 times over six years. The FBI ignored to major tips that he was dangerous. He even said he wanted to become a professional at shooting up a school. Quaint my ass.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, assault rifles “can be set for automatic or semiautomatic fire.” Assault rifles have also been banned to the public since 1934, according to the Independent Journal Review. So, using that term is misleading, dishonest and politically opportunist. One Twitter commenter pointed out the representative’s gaff and Lieu responded: “I will keep saying assault rifle if I feel like it. I will not let you define what I can or cannot say. In any statute, the term assault weapon or assault rifle would be defined. But in ordinary conversation, I will use assault rifle interchangeably with assault weapon.” Because who cares about the truth when it comes to guns? Certainly not Lieu or the left.

Another Twitter commenter added that it was a “bizarre move for an elected official” to choose — intentionally — not to use the correct terminology. Lieu responded that it was “bizarre” that people were more concerned about him labeling guns correctly. “If you are more bothered by me saying AR-15-style assault rifle than by the fact that 14 students and 3 adults were slaughtered by an AR-15-style rifle, then I respectfully suggest that is what is bizarre.” Disingenuous and totally false accusations by Lieu do not change the fact that he’s lying through his teeth on guns.

Lieu flatly stated that he was going to use the term “in ordinary conversation because I find it to be descriptive,” but will define it correctly when he passes legislation. Oh, sure he will. Not. What a liar. And he’s got plenty of company on the left that are skewing gun facts. “When I say AR-15-style assault rifle, you know exactly what I mean. In statute, however, it would be defined based on function and characteristics and so on. But am going to keep using the term “assault” in ordinary conversation because I find it to be descriptive.”


Liberal author Joyce Carol Oates tried to simultaneously defend the armed school resource officer who stayed outside during last week’s Florida school shooting, while blasting the National Rifle Association in one post. She failed miserably. Oates, whose Twitter feed is full of pro-gun control, anti-NRA posts, took issue with the widespread criticism that the now-former school resource officer, Scot Peterson, has received. She clearly does not know the difference between an AK-47 rifle and an AR-15. Some author.


She also seems to suggest that an armed officer is incapable of taking down a shooter. “How could a single school guard, armed with a conventional weapon, expect to confront & “kill” an individual w/ AK-15 who has methodically plotted an attack? isn’t this demanding of the guard that he sacrifice his life? would NRA pay his widow a bonus?” An officer is trained and can take down a shooter… that’s their job. They are supposed to run into the fight, not cower from it. Those four officers, including Peterson, who stayed outside during four crucial minutes while Cruz was killing kids and staff members, might as well have pulled the trigger themselves.

Those such as Ted Lieu and Joyce Carol Oates are liars and apologists for Marxists and their deadly political agenda. They lie with ease and when it suits their needs. They never repent because they don’t feel they have to. Every one of them has blood on their hands. Lieu is just slightly more honest on his right to lie than others.

H/T: Western Journal, The Independent Review Journal

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