Democrat Corruption Scandal! Hillary Ally Senator Bob Menendez Indicted for Bribery and Conspiracy!

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Another Clinton ally and friend, Democrat Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey is officially indicted on 14 counts including bribery, conspiracy, and lying!

Menendez has done everything in the book to keep from being indicted, including wasting the Supreme Court’s time on a personal legal matter!

The Senator is expected to head to trial on Sept. 6, facing a potential criminal conviction after federal prosecutors charged him with 14 counts including conspiracy to commit bribery.

The Justice Department’s probe alleges that Salomon Melgen, a Florida ophthalmologist and political donor, bribed Menendez with gifts.

In return, prosecutors say Menendez helped Melgen obtain immigrant visas for his “foreign girlfriends” and was involved in a Medicare over-billing claim related to the doctor.

Menendez is accused of receiving nearly $1 million in bribes They include flights on a private jet, and lodging in Paris and at a Caribbean resort. They also include contributions to political committees that boosted his re-election efforts in 2012. In exchange, heused his office to benefit the personal and private interests of Melgen who is a  longtime friendt.

Menendez reached out to Homeland Security officials about United States-bound cargo from the Dominican Republic when Melgen, a Dominican native, owned a company with a contract to scan outbound containers.

One allegation says Menendez used his office to pressure Medicare officials about a regulation Melgen was accused of abusing to obtain $9 million in improper payments.

Democrat Corruption Scandal! Hillary Ally Senator Bob Menendez Indicted for Bribery and Conspiracy!

Melgen was convicted In April on separate charges in Florida of 67 counts of Medicare fraud. He is due to be sentenced for those crimes on Aug. 11.

The indictment also states that Menendez tried to get Harry Reid, the former Senate majority leader from Nevada, and Tom Harkin, a former senator from Iowa who chaired the health committee, involved in applying that pressure.

The Supreme Court rejected a Menendez petition that argued a Philadelphia appeals court misinterpreted the Constitution’s “speech or debate” clause. The clause bars the executive and judicial branches from questioning a member of Congress about legislative activity.

Fellow senators, along with current and former staffers, have receive the official go-ahead from the Senate to testify at the Federal trial.

Menendez served in the Senate since 2006. He stepped down from his position as Senate Chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations after his 2015 federal corruption indictment. He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. He’s up for re-election next year.

It is possible that Menendez might be forced to step down. Fox News reports:

The Garden State senior senator maintains his innocence in the federal bribery case. The delays in the case, however, have complicated matters politically, observers note — creating a scenario where the state’s Republican governor could appoint a successor if the incumbent is forced to step down.

According to New Jersey state law, if Menendez should step down less than 70 days before the next election, the governor “may make a temporary appointment of a senator of the United States.”

As far as we know from the MSM, all has been well in New Jersey except that Chris Christie went to the beach.

The Democrat party is involved in numerous scandals and, as always, the MSM is reletively silent.

While Debbie Wasserman Schultz was head of the DNC, she employed an IT aide named Imran Awan, who is under criminal investigation for all sorts of financial and intelligence crimes. There are reports of him destroying hard drives sought by the FBI. Worse, there are reports he hid a laptop computer in a crevice somewhere in the congressional office building, which, until recently, Wasserman refused to give investigators access to.

In the great state of Pennsylvania, two former Democrat mayors were indicted on July 26 by the FBI for pay-to-play. This is the first you’ve heard of it because the national media is covering this story up.

Sitting Democrat Congressman Robert Brady is currently under FBI investigation for allegedly paying a challenger $90,000 to drop out of the Democrat primary.

Just 6 months ago, longtime Democrat Congressman Chaka Fattah began a 10-year prison sentence for racketeering.

Another class action lawsuit filed against the DNC involves campaign workers who claim they were screwed out of overtime pay even as millions in bonuses were handed out to bigwigs.

Just two months ago Corinne Brown, a congresswoman since 1993, was convicted of pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars through a phony charity.

But… you know, Russia, Russia, Russia!



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